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Private Sector

What Are Bank Tellers Trained To Do In a Robbery?

Bank tellers handle large amounts of cash and are probably among the…


Private Sector

Bank Security Screens

Banks have always been a popular target for armed robbers looking for…


Private SectorRetail Sector

Implementing Handling Procedures For Cashiers

Ensuring the safety of employees, staff and visitors (as well as company…


Public Sector

Why Do Hospitals Have Security Guards?

Hospitals and healthcare professionals deserve protection while they serve their communities and…


Private Sector

What To Do In An Armed Robbery?

Nearly 67,000 robberies took place in the UK in 2021/2022, of which…


Private Sector

How Common Are Bank Robberies In The UK?

The idea of a group of masked criminals storming into a bank,…


How Do You Maintain Safety And Security In The Workplace?

Any business that deals with large amounts of money every day must…


Public Sector

How to Maintain a Secure Government Building

Government buildings are a potential target for protestors, rioters, terrorists,  and information…


Private SectorPublic SectorRetail Sector

How To Improve Security In the Workplace

A well-secured workplace has several benefits for employers, including increased productivity, employee…


Private Sector

Which Type of Violence Is Most Common In the Workplace?

There is a worrying increase in the number of violent incidents in the workplace…


Private Sector

When Was The Last Bank Robbery In the UK?

On February 22, 2006, Britain was shocked to learn that a gang…


Private Sector

How Safe Are UK Banks?

While banks are an essential part of the wider economy, a lack…

Broken window on business glass door shattered by vandalism

Manual Attack Protection Standards Comparison

Manual attack protection is measured against sustained attack by professional invaders using…

woman-delivering-food experiencing automatic door safety requirements

What are the safety elements installed in automatic doors?

To ensure high levels of convenience and security, there is a range…

a fully automatic door working after an automatic door maintenance checklist

Private SectorPublic SectorRetail Sector

Maintenance checklist for automatic doors

If you have automatic doors installed at your commercial premises it’s important…

automatic doors for business such as private hospitals

Private SectorPublic SectorRetail Sector

Automatic Doors For Business

Installing automatic doors for business premises can help you better meet the…