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Safetell is a physical security solution provider, offering protection for organisations and businesses for over 30 years. Through long-standing relationships to our blue-chip client base, our consultative approach to security has allowed us to form partnerships and become the standard authority on security specifications and bespoke solutions.

Building Security

Our building security and staff protection solutions are designed to offer resistance levels to your requirement

Asset Protection

Store and transfer high-value items securely with our solutions


Our range of solutions are developed from standard and bespoke products.

Need a bespoke solution?

Find a security solution to fit your organisations requirements; from manual attack resistant cash counters, windows and moving security screens; to bullet resistant doors, partitions, and interlocking door airlocks, Safetell offers a wide array of bespoke solutions built upon an expansive range of options, allowing for unique solutions to be designed specially to protect staff and assets..

About Safetell

We design, develop, install, and maintain a diverse range of physical security solutions to a wide range of sectors. Our exemplary service, combined with a vast range of products, ensure each solution meets our client’s requirements.

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