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Understanding Security Ratings: A Comprehensive Guide to Manual Attack, Intruder, and Burglar Ratings

When businesses invest in physical security products, including screens, doors, and cladding,…

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The Importance of Ballistic Ratings in Modern Physical Security

While the UK has strict gun laws, incidents of crime involving firearms…

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Integrating Physical with Digital Security: A Comprehensive Approach to Business Safety

As more transactions and interactions move online, businesses are increasingly focused on…

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Importance of Customised Security Solutions: Safetell’s Approach

Businesses across the UK are always at risk of crime, from threats…

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The Evolution of Physical Security Measures in the UK

Over the years, the United Kingdom has witnessed a significant evolution in…

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Summary of the ACS Crime Report

The Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) have recently released the results of…

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What is an automatic sliding door mechanism?

Do you need automatic door servicing or help with your automatic sliding…

what sensors are used in automatic doors with an example of what is used

What sensors are used in automatic doors?

What sensors are used in automatic doors, how do they work and…


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The Impact of Martyn’s Law/Protect Duty on UK Businesses

The 2017 Manchester Arena bombing sent shockwaves throughout the globe and set…

an automatic door mechanism

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What technology is used for automatic doors?

Automatic door mechanism technologies can vary. We discuss a few of these…

automatic door legislation book

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What are the current automatic door legislations that apply for powered pedestrian doors?

Automatic door Legislations, an overview Meeting automatic door legislation and adhering to…

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Why are automatic doors important?

Why are automatic doors important and what kind of buildings need automatic…

power assisted door in a bank

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Automatic Doors Require Annual Maintenance to Meet Safety Standards

Automatic doors offer a range of benefits that make them an increasingly…


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What Is a Security Screen and Are They Worth It?

Security screens are protective barriers that are installed in banks and other…


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Reception Security Screens

Reception areas at schools, police stations, banks and offices with cash-handling facilities…


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What Are The Risks of Handling Cash?

Handling cash is a necessary aspect of many businesses, but it also…