Strengthening Retail Security: Safetell Sub-Partners with Retail’s Best

14 February, 2024

Safetell, a leader in physical security solutions for retailers and forecourt operators, is pleased to announce its sub-partnership with Retail’s Best, a premier platform connecting retailers with innovative solutions and industry expertise.

Safetell’s decision to sub-partner with Retail’s Best demonstrates its commitment to addressing the evolving challenges of retail security, particularly within the petrol forecourt sector. Leveraging Retail’s Best’s extensive network and resources, Safetell aims to provide tailored security solutions that meet the unique needs of retailers and forecourt operators.

Challenges in the Convenience Sector:

The convenience sector in the UK has faced significant challenges related to crime, particularly physical attacks on retailers and store employees. According to a report by the Association of Convenience Stores, incidents of violence and aggression against convenience store workers have reached alarming levels, with over 50,000 incidents reported in the past year alone.

Addressing Physical Attacks:

Safetell recognises the urgency of addressing physical attacks in the convenience and petrol forecourt sector and is committed to providing effective security solutions to mitigate these risks. Through its partnership with Retail’s Best, Safetell aims to empower retailers and forecourt operators with robust security measures to deter and prevent physical attacks on their premises.

Jenny Jones, Retail Business Development Manager at Safetell, stated: “Our sub-partnership with Retail’s Best aligns seamlessly with our mission to enhance retail security. Together, we are committed to safeguarding businesses and protecting their assets, especially in light of the increasing prevalence of physical attacks in the convenience sector.”

As part of our commitment to providing comprehensive security solutions for retailers and petrol forecourt operators, Safetell offers a range of products designed to complement their unique needs within stores.

Safetell’s Solutions

In response to the rising challenges of physical attacks, many retailers are turning to innovative solutions to protect their staff and assets. One such solution is SafeShield UL Security Screens, engineered to withstand physical attacks while ensuring seamless operations at checkout counters. These screens provide a vital layer of protection for retailers and forecourt operators, enhancing both security and colleague confidence.

Additionally, Safetell’s Night Pay Hatch Drawer and CashFast Drawer offer secure and efficient transaction handling, ideal for retailers and forecourt operators seeking to streamline their operations without compromising safety outside of typical trading hours. The Night Pay Hatch Drawer fits seamlessly into existing setups, providing a low-cost solution to withstand attacks and theft. Meanwhile, the CashFast Drawer enhances communication and transaction security with its electronic speech system, and larger drawer, ensuring smooth transactions for both staff and customers.

As a trusted sub-partner of Retail’s Best, Safetell is committed to providing tailored security solutions that meet the needs of retailers and petrol forecourt operators.

Discover how Safetell’s retail solutions can benefit your business, by speaking to a member of our team today.