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cashfast night drawer

CashFast – Night Pay Drawer

✔ When not in use the bulk drawer locks in the closed position

✔ Full-duplex electronic speech system ensures excellent communication from both sides

✔ The stand-alone installation which does not require mounting within the counterwork

✔ Can be ordered as supply only or supply and install

✔ Bespoke sizes available on request

CashFast – Night Pay Drawer

CashFast is a night pay hatch that is used to continue trading after hours or at times of high risk for the protection of staff. It includes both a large bulk goods drawer and a sliding cash tray with electronic speech transfer units to ensure good communication. A cost-effective and reliable solution that allows easy transfer of cash, credit cards and goods whilst maintaining essential security. The larger drawer enables easy passage of larger items without the need for a second tray. CashFasts are now able to transfer large coffee cups through the bulk goods drawer.


Petrol forecourts

Late night pharmacies

Convenience stores

Fast food restaurants