A Solution for Protecting Retail Staff

16 August, 2021

“The screens look great, and the staff are really happy because they feel a lot safer, especially as the store opens late. Safetell’s installation went smoothly, we were so pleased we put in an order for another screen in the neighbouring store.”


Yamitraj Patel, Nisa, Wythenshawe

It’s well known that since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, there has been an increase in attacks and abuse against shopworkers. A 2020 crime survey conducted by the British Retail Consortium saw 424 incidents of violence or abuse each day, up by 9%, causing a £1 billion cost to retailers from crime. This has led to many efforts to protect shop workers, including Respect for Shop Workers Week and the Co-op’s “Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities” campaign.


A recent installation of a manual attack-resistant screen into a Nisa in Wythenshawe prompted us to design a new screening solution aimed at the retail market. This screen is the perfect solution for an everyday screen in applications where staff require a moderate level of protection from potentially aggressive members of the public. This screen has been installed in over 150 retail stores across the UK since February 2021, with a positive response from all.


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