What Is a Security Screen and Are They Worth It?

25 May, 2023

Security screens are protective barriers that are installed in banks and other institutions to increase safety and security. These screens are designed to deter robbers and potential attacks, providing protection for employees.


What Are Security Screens Made Of, and How Are They Designed?

The screens are typically made of bullet-resistant or manual attack-resistant glazing that is designed, and tested, to withstand different levels of attack. Security screens can be installed in front of bank tellers, cashiers, and receptionists to provide a physical barrier between staff and potential assailants. Security screens make it more difficult for criminals to access cash and valuables and reduce the risk of physical harm to staff and customers.

Security screens are often equipped with pass-through trays and speech transfer systems, allowing staff and customers to communicate with each other while maintaining a secure barrier.


The Benefits of Security Screens

Security screens provide a cost-effective way to secure your business and protect your staff from physical threats. Some of the benefits include:

  • Enhanced Security: Security screens provide a physical barrier that can help prevent unauthorised access to unmanned areas or protect employees during a robbery or attack, they are available in a range of resistance levels.
  • Improved Safety: screens protect staff and customers from physical harm, including assaults. Staff will also feel safer during verbal attacks or conflict situations with disgruntled customers.
  • Better Communication: Security screens are designed to facilitate communication between staff and customers, with features like intercom systems and built-in speakers that allow for clear, unobstructed communication, while cash scoops and transfer hatches enable employees to pass items (such as cash) to customers with a secure barrier firmly in place.
  • Bespoke Options: Safetell’s screens come in various sizes, shapes, and styles to suit the specific needs of different industries and businesses. They can be tailored to fit the aesthetics and restrictions of any premises or business, making them a versatile solution for many security needs.


The Safetell Solution

Security screens can have a big impact in any business. If you’re searching for top-quality security solutions for your business, look no further than Safetell’s range of security screens. Safetell’s CounterShield screen provides excellent protection against manual attacks. Additionally, our bullet-resistant screens offer maximum protection against firearm attacks. We also offer a selection of manual attack screens that provide robust protection against various forms of attack. By investing in Safetell’s security screens, you can protect your employees and customers and achieve peace of mind.

Speak to Safetell about creating a custom solution for your business that fits your needs and your budget.