CounterShield – Moving Security Screen

Stay protected at all times with CounterShield, a universal Security Screen that allows for both open-counter trading and staff protection.

Automated through a simple press of a button, CounterShield is a robust protection system that empowers staff by allowing them to control their protection levels throughout the day.

The automated Security Screen can be moved up and down in an unobtrusive manner at will. In the event of potential threat or manual attack, the moving screen can be reactively and quickly closed to create a complete division. If using multiple CounterShield’s, the installation can be linked so pressing any reactive closure button closes all CounterShield’s.

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Technical Information

CounterShield is delivered as a single unit, which is fitted to the counter and bolted to the structural ceiling. Access to the structural soffit for this critical fixing is required. Any flanking structures are then fitted to complete the secure area. The control unit is connected to a 240V AC, 5A fused, unswitched spur power supply.

Activation and Controls

An electric motor drives the lower screen downwards from behind the fixed screen, closing the open space and leaving a minimum screen overlap of 12mm.

The moving screen is controlled by three push buttons – Up, Down and Reactive Close – with an optional Foot Kick activator for Reactive close. The motor and controller use battery power that is continuously trickle-charged from a 5A fused mains supply. In the event of mains failure the unit’s battery will provide at least 20 full open and close operations.


CounterShield is normally fitted directly onto existing counterwork. Some counterwork may require reinforcement to provide the prescribed level of attack resistance. Safetell can provide bespoke counterwork, or reinforcing of existing counterwork, to suit customer specifications. All vertical edges of the screens are fitted into the mullions and the horizontal screen edges are polished.


Standard Dimensions

Width: 900mm or 1200mm

Heights Above Counter: 1300mm, 1500mm or 1700mm

Bespoke Dimensions

Width: 750mm – 1200mm

Height: 1200 – 2000mm

Mullions and Framework

Powder coated steel mullions with rounded edges provide the finished appearance on both the staff and customer sides of the CounterShield. The mullions are set onto the counter surface and are continuous up to a structural ceiling fixing. All moving parts of the screen are recessed behind safety covers and the motor/control circuitry is housed in a steel case above the fixed screen. CounterShield should form part of the perimeter of a protected area. Adjacent solid or glazed panels, including doors, can be provided to match CounterShield and provide the same level of attack resistance.

Resistance Level

The steel, glass and polycarbonate anti-physical attack materials and the structure as a complete assembly comply with BS EN 356:2000 “Glass in building – Testing and classification of resistance against manual attack” Class P3A. The construction of CounterShield complies with BS5357:1995 “Installation of security glazing”.

Health and Safety

CounterShield has a fail-safe safety device across the leading edge of the moving screen which prevents any possibility of being hit by the moving screen. In Reactive mode, the screen will continue to close when the obstruction is removed. The moving screen has been tested to withstand a lever opening force of 140kg. In the fully closed position, the moving screen is flush with the counter surface to prevent lever tools being inserted.

Additional Notes

A range of accessories are available:

  • Integrated Side Glazing Panels
  • Matching Personnel Pass Doors
  • Safetell ClearComm VE Induction Loops
  • Safetell ClearComm VF Speech Transfer Systems
  • “Position Closed” Blinds


Solutions are available for medical facilities, such as NHS hospitals, 24/7 accident and emergency (A&E) surgeries, general surgeries, dentists, opticians, among others. Our solutions for the healthcare sector can protect staff from aggressors while maintaining secure ease-of-operation cash and asset transfer.


Solutions are available for government buildings, which often require a high-level of protection and policing. With a central location required, government buildings are frequent targets for criminal and terror attacks. Our solutions are able to provide protection for government buildings bespoke to individual needs and requirements.


Solutions are available for education facilities, such as primary schools, middle schools, secondary schools and higher education organisations, such as colleges and universities. Our solutions can provide protection to staff and students to bespoke requirements. In addition, our team is able to work around the school schedule with the ability to provide installation during school holidays.

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