Reception Security Screens

25 May, 2023

Reception areas at schools, police stations, banks and offices with cash-handling facilities may be vulnerable to threats and attacks. By installing reception security screens, businesses can effectively protect their staff and property without disrupting the normal course of business. 

The Benefits of Reception Security Screens

Adding security screens to a reception area can benefit your business, your staff, and your customers. Here are just a few reasons to consider installing a security screen:

1.    Avoid risks of Physical Attacks

Crime rates in the UK are climbing especially knife attacks. A security screen can protect reception staff from physical harm by forming a barrier between them and the public and protect equipment from opportunistic thieves and vandalism. Having one installed often acts as a deterrent from an attack taking place.

2.    Protection and Peace of Mind for Front-line Employees

A security screen is impact resistant and hard to break, which gives your reception staff confidence and a sense of security. Reception staff are the front line of every business, and having an open desk doesn’t offer sufficient protection against aggressive visitors or robberies. By placing a shatter-proof barrier between front-of-house staff and the public, staff will be able to avoid assaults and feel more secure when visitors become threatening. These screens can also act as a deterrent to robbers.


3.    Maintain Normal Operations

The right security screens provide clear two-way visibility that enables people on either side to communicate with ease. Unlike glass that can crack, scratch, and become clouded, glazed security screens offer full protection and crystal-clear clarity in the long run. Even if the screen is damaged by an assailant, it won’t shatter completely, protecting your staff and visitors.

Installing Reception Security Screens

Safetell has more than 30 years of experience in providing reliable protection to offices, banks, schools, and businesses. Our reception security screens offer Manual Attack and up to complete FB4 Ballistic level protection that can be seamlessly integrated and adapted to your existing or desired aesthetics.

Get in touch with Safetell if you are interested in finding out more.