Turnstile gates

Turnstile Gates

28 June, 2024

Ensuring safe and efficient access in public spaces, such as transport hubs, sporting and entertainment venues, and office buildings, requires effective access control. Turnstile gates are a popular option, ensuring that access can be controlled, allowing permitted personnel to enter the site or building, while restricting unauthorised access.

What are turnstile gates, what different options are available, how much do they cost, and what are the alternatives?

What are turnstile gates?

Turnstile gates are mechanical gates that are characterised by a revolving horizontal arm that allows a single person to pass through at a time. They are designed to regulate and monitor the flow of people entering or exiting a building, venue, or public space.

Turnstile gates ensure that only authorised people can gain entry and are a key component of a comprehensive security and access infrastructure. They also support safe and efficient crowd management by maintaining a steady flow of people and preventing congestion.

Turnstile gates can also be further integrated with a range of access control systems to ensure fast, seamless entry. Optical turnstiles use sensors to allow or deny access for a faster and more user-friendly experience.

How much does a turnstile gate cost?

The overall cost for turnstile gates can vary considerably depending on several factors. These will typically include the type of turnstile, the materials used in the installation, the sophistication of the access control system, and integrations that are needed. Any additional features or customisation required will also add to the overall cost of installing turnstile gates.

Simple, waist-high turnstile gates without advanced access control systems can start from around £1,000 to £2,000 per unit. If they are integrated with electronic access controls, such as biometric scanners or cards, the price can increase to anywhere between £2,500 and £5,000.

Full-height turnstile gates which offer a higher level of security will generally cost more. The prices can range from £3,000 to £6,000 per unit. If these are combined with sophisticated access control systems and other custom features, the cost can be higher.

Optical turnstile gates are known for their speed and aesthetic appeal. They will often include advanced sensors and sleek designs that can seamlessly blend into modern offices and other environments. These can range in price from a few thousand pounds to considerably more.

Installation and maintenance costs also need to be taken into account. Professional installation will vary depending on the type of gates and their location. A professional installation team will be able to provide you with a comprehensive quote based on your particular requirements.

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure that your turnstile gates can be relied upon to keep operating safely and efficiently. Maintenance and support agreements are available that provide peace of mind and can vary in cost depending on the complexity and usage of the system.

Are there any alternatives to turnstile gates?

There are a number of alternatives to turnstile gates, with speed gates being one of the most commonly installed options. Speed gates, sometimes known as fast lanes or optical barriers, are highly efficient and have a sleek design that makes them increasingly popular.

Speed gates use advanced sensors and motorised barriers that quickly retract to allow authorised individuals to enter and exit. Speed gates don’t require physical rotation by the individual attempting to gain access. Instead, they withdraw automatically when entry is granted providing a more seamless and faster entry process. They are often used in offices, public buildings, and other environments that require a combination of security and speed.

Speed gates have a number of advantages in some specific situations. Speed gates can process a high volume of people in a short time. This makes them ideal for busier areas that have heavy foot traffic. With no physical barriers to push or rotate, speed gates can provide a smoother user experience. Speed gates can minimise the risk of bottlenecks and busy periods and widen accessibility.

Speed gates are equipped with sophisticated sensors and can be integrated with access control systems. This allows for access to be monitored and controlled, restricting entry to only authorised individuals.

While in some contexts speed gates can be advantageous they are likely to cost more to install than turnstile gates. This is due to their complex mechanism, access control systems, and electric components. This added complexity can also mean that maintenance costs are also increased.

Other alternatives can include swing gates, barrier arms, and revolving doors. Each of these has unique features and may be suited to specific environments and requirements. The choice of access control solutions will largely depend on the specific needs of the installation location, including foot traffic patterns and security requirements.

Turnstile gate solutions from Safetell

At Safetell, we supply and install a range of bespoke access solutions for different locations. We understand that each client has unique needs and requirements when it comes to access control, which is why we offer a diverse range of products from trusted manufacturers.

Our experienced team takes care of everything from a detailed design phase, through installation, and maintenance.

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