automatic door repairs

Automatic Door Repairs

05 October, 2023

Automatic doors are an essential part of modern-day infrastructure. They are a convenient

addition to a wide range of different buildings, widening accessibility while aiding security and

energy efficiency.


Automatic doors have to work hard, particularly in places with a high footfall. Over time, moving

parts and other components can be subject to wear and tear. Add to that weather conditions,

accidents and impact, all of which can eventually lead to breakdowns and the need for repairs.


Automatic door repairs and maintenance ensure that your automatic doors keep working

efficiently for longer, extending their service life and minimising the risk of unscheduled



Do you need automatic door repairs?


Regularly serviced and maintained automatic doors will continue to work efficiently for many

years. Key to a long service life is ensuring that any potential problems are identified early.


There are several signs that can indicate you need to consider automatic door repairs. These



  • Slow or Delayed Opening/Closing


If the doors are opening or closing slower than usual, then this can be an indication that there is

an issue with the sensor, the door’s mechanical components or the motor.


  • Partial Opening/Closing


Doors that open or close partially are not only inconvenient to users but can also pose a safety

risk. It can indicate issues with the door mechanism or sensor misalignment.


  • Intermittent Operation


If your doors are operating inconsistently, then this can be an indication that automatic door

repairs are needed. This can mean failing to respond to sensor inputs or opening and closing

when they shouldn’t. This may indicate that the automatic doors have sensor or electrical

problems that need to be addressed.


  • Misalignment


If a door is misaligned it can get stuck when opening or not closing properly. Problems with

misalignment can indicate there are damaged tracks or opening and closing mechanisms.


  • Visible Damage


If doors have visible damage to any of the components, then automatic door repairs may be



  • Obstruction Detection Issues


Automatic door sensors should detect any obstruction to prevent accidents and damage. If the

doors repeatedly detect obstructions when none are present, or they fail to detect when

obstructions are present, then the sensors may need replacement or calibration.


  • Leaking Air/Water


If doors are leaking air or water then this is a sign that immediate automatic door repairs are

required so that sealing issues can be addressed.


  • Electrical Problems


The safe electrical operation of your doors is essential. Issues such as frequent tripping can

indicate that there are underlying electrical problems that need to be addressed.


  • Noisy Operation


If your doors are generating additional noise when they operate such as grinding, clanking or

squeaking sounds, it can indicate damaged or worn-out components that require attention.

Automatic Door Repairs & Maintenance from Safetell

Even with regular preventative maintenance automatic door repairs are sometimes still

required to keep doors working safely and efficiently.


At Safetell, our team of professional engineers can carry out timely automatic door repairs to

keep them operational. We help to minimise door downtime and the added inconvenience of

faulty, unreliable automatic doors.


Regular maintenance can help to minimise the risk of automatic door failure and give you

confidence that your doors are safe and working efficiently.


We offer two maintenance and repair packages for our clients. Progressive Service is non-

contracted, purchase order-based option, which allows clients to benefit from Safetell’s service

and maintenance offering without fully committing to a contract.


Proactive Service is a contracted alternative, which offers returning clients the peace of mind of

enhanced response times, discounts on parts, and reduced rates on call-out and repair fees.


Contact us to find out more.


Emergency Automatic Door Repairs


An automatic door which malfunctions can pose an immediate safety hazard and be

inconvenient for building users. Safetell provides rapid response emergency automatic door

repairs to get your doors in full working order again as quickly as possible.


Commercial Automatic Door Repairs


Commercial buildings depend on the safe, reliable and efficient operation of their automatic

doors. If your doors break down or have problems with their operation, it can be inconvenient

and costly. Our team of engineers can be on-site quickly to ensure that your doors are operating

safely and efficiently. With our ‘repair not replace’ ethos we won’t charge you for new parts when

existing components can be repaired.




Can I use Safetell to repair my automatic door if I am contracted with another company?


Yes. Safetell is happy to provide automatic door repairs for clients who are contracted with other

companies. It’s important to check with your current provider to see if using an alternative

service invalidates or compromises your current agreement.


I have been advised I need a replacement part, can you help?


We have a ‘repair not replace’ ethos that looks to maximise the service life of current parts and

not replace them unnecessarily. Our team will check the condition of your current components

and assess if they can be repaired before you need to spend money on a replacement.


How fast can you repair my automatic door?


We provide a 24/7 service desk for our Proactive Service customers and aim to be on-site as

quickly as possible. We understand that door downtime is not only an inconvenience but can be



Can I attempt automatic door repairs myself?


Due to the complexity of automatic door systems, their component parts and some of the safety

issues around their operation, automatic door repairs should only be carried out by a qualified



How can I prevent the need for emergency automatic door repairs?


While it’s impossible to completely eradicate the possibility that your automatic doors will need

emergency repairs, the risk can be reduced through regular preventative servicing and

maintenance. We provide two maintenance packages to help you keep your doors working

safely and efficiently for longer.


I have a problem with my automatic doors. What should I do?


If your automatic doors have developed an operational issue then our team can help. Contact

Safetell today for advice and automatic door repairs if necessary.