crowbar trying to fix an automatic door not opening

Automatic Door Not Opening

11 January, 2024

An automatic door not opening can be a particular headache limiting access to your building. Wear and tear, accidents, weather and the passage of time can all take their toll on your automatic doors. They may develop problems that interfere with their operation.

An automatic door not opening is one of the most common issues with automatic doors and can be caused by a range of potential problems. While regular servicing and maintenance can help to reduce the risk sometimes you may be faced with an automatic door not opening.

What might cause an automatic door not to open and how can the problem be fixed?


Why is my automatic door not opening?

An automatic door not opening can have a range of causes. If a power failure has been ruled out, then you will need to investigate further. While some problems can be quickly identified visually, others will need further investigation.

Here are some of the most common reasons for an automatic door not opening:


● Component Damage

A range of essential components that enable your doors to open and close as required may be damaged or no longer working.

● Wiring Problems

Any faulty or damaged wiring can create problems with the door’s operation. Loose connections, exposed wires or obvious signs of damage may be the cause of an automatic door not opening.

● Control Panel Problems

Problems with the control panel may prevent the door from opening. Check for error messages or other obvious issues with the control system.

● Mechanical Issues

A range of mechanical issues may cause automatic doors not to open as required. These should be inspected for visible damage or signs of wear.

As well as these common issues there are other potential causes of automatic door failure. You should arrange to have your automatic door inspected by a qualified engineer as soon as possible to identify and then rectify the problem.


Can I fix my automatic door myself?

While it’s tempting to try and fix your automatic door yourself this can be a bad idea. Automatic doors are complex pieces of machinery containing a range of components. By attempting to repair the door yourself you risk damaging these components further. There are also safety issues to consider and a poorly repaired automatic door could become a safety hazard.

If your automatic door is not opening you should contact an automatic door repair service immediately. They will conduct a more thorough inspection and be able to identify the problem and make the necessary repairs to get your door functioning efficiently and safely.


How Safetell can help if an automatic door is not opening

At Safetell, we provide a 24/7 service desk for our Proactive Service customers and aim to be on-site as quickly as possible. We understand that door downtime is not only an inconvenience but it can be costly.

We aim to be on-site to carry out repairs as quickly as possible. With our prestigious automatic door servicing and maintenance, our clients minimise the risk of breakdowns and avoid costly, unplanned, emergency expenditure.

Contact us to find out more, or if you want an automatic door repair in London, give us a call.