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What is an automatic sliding door mechanism?

08 August, 2023

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Automatic sliding doors are a popular choice in a range of settings, including shops, hospitals, offices and other public buildings. They increase access to buildings while allowing building managers to better control that access. By automatically closing when not in use, they help to retain heat in the building and reduce energy consumption.

To work effectively, automatic sliding doors require a number of components. As well as the doors themselves, and the sensors and control panels, an automatic sliding door mechanism is essential to ensure the doors open and close as required.



What is an automatic sliding door mechanism?


An automatic sliding door mechanism is a sophisticated system that automates the operation of sliding doors. It consists of a range of components including an electric motor, gears, and a drive belt or chains. These are all carefully designed, engineered and installed to guarantee smooth, silent and efficient operation. The components are calibrated to ensure that they glide open and close smoothly, with a minimum of noise.

The automatic sliding door mechanism will be integrated with sensors that detect the presence of people or obstacles near the door. This triggers the opening of the doors and ensures that they remain open as long as required. After the person has passed through the doors, the sensors then ensure that the sliding door mechanism is activated to quickly close the door and prevent accidental collisions.

The automatic sliding door mechanism can be activated through a variety of activation methods and can respond to a range of inputs. As well as sensors, they may be connected to access control systems and touchpads. This ensures that users have multiple ways to conveniently activate the door.

In addition to activation options, the automatic sliding door mechanism will also include a range of safety features, and be adjustable for quicker or slower opening and closing. Emergency controls enable manual opening and closing in the event of power failure.



What is an automatic sliding door mechanism called?


The sliding door mechanism used in automatic doors is often known as an automatic sliding door opener or automatic sliding door operator. This consists of a variety of components and sensors that work together to facilitate the smooth opening and closing of sliding doors as and when required.



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As with all other aspects of your automatic doors, the sliding door mechanism should be regularly serviced and maintained. This reduces the risk of unexpected failure and ensures the safe and efficient operation of your doors for longer.

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