a fully automatic door working after an automatic door maintenance checklist

Maintenance checklist for automatic doors

09 May, 2023

If you have automatic doors installed at your commercial premises it’s important to ensure they are working as safely and efficiently as possible. This not only maintains the safety of staff and visitors but can also reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and expensive repairs. By following an automatic door maintenance checklist you can minimise the risk of expensive repairs, save money and ensure safety. As well as regular scheduled servicing and maintenance by qualified engineers, there are a number of safety checks that anyone with responsibility for automatic doors can carry out.


Daily Safety Checks

Daily safety checks are the most important aspect of your automatic door maintenance checklist. Whenever you open or arrive at your premises it’s important to pay attention to your automatic doors and the area around them. Make sure that all the paths that lead to the door are clear of any obstructions. You should also check the path of the door is free of stones, and other obstructions. A visual inspection of the doors should be made to identify any signs of damage or wear and tear, such as cracks, dents or loose components. Make sure that safety buttons and signage are not obstructed in any way. You should then check the operation of the door to ensure that it is working properly and that the doors are opening and closing properly.


Weekly Safety Checks

Once a week you should carry out a series of more involved checks of the door’s operation and general condition. You should make sure that when the door is opening and closing there are no unusual noises or vibrations. You should also test the emergency release mechanism at least once a week to make sure that it’s working correctly. All of the moving parts of the door should be inspected to check if they are lubricated properly.


Sensor Checks

Sensor checks will form a key part of your automatic door maintenance checklist. This should involve approaching the doors as if you are entering the building. The sensors should sense your presence and open the doors smoothly and quickly. You should then pass through the doors to check if they allow sufficient time for you to enter. They should then close smoothly after a sufficient amount of time has passed. If there are any issues, check that the sensors are not blocked or faulty.


Door Checks

As well as daily and weekly checks of the condition and operation of the door, more extensive checks should be featured on your automatic doors maintenance checklist. These will take a more comprehensive look at the operation, components and overall condition of the doors.


Regular automatic door Maintenance Checklist help & Servicing

Any automatic doors maintenance checklist must include regular servicing and maintenance by a qualified technician. At Safetell, we help our clients ensure the safe and reliable operation of their automatic doors with our automatic door maintenance service. We are committed to a “repair not replace” ethos, which means we won’t sell you parts and components that you do not need.

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