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Automatic Door Installation

12 January, 2024

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Automatic doors are an integral part of modern life. They aid convenience, bring added security and can help make a building more accessible. If you’re considering installing automatic doors in your building, then there are a range of factors to bear in mind.


Ensuring your doors are installed safely and efficiently is a key consideration. Well-installed and maintained automatic doors will enjoy a longer service life and be less likely to break down. Poorly installed doors are not only likely to be less efficient, they are also a potential safety risk. With proper installation, you can be confident that your automatic doors will keep working safely for years to come.


What is the legislation regarding automatic door installation, how long does it take and what might it cost to have automatic doors installed at your premises?


Is there legislation for automatic door installation?


Automatic doors are complex pieces of machinery that involve a range of moving parts. These parts must be installed correctly by a qualified engineer to ensure their safe operation. The installation of automatic doors is covered under BS EN 16005. This is a British and European safety standard that details a range of safety requirements for powered pedestrian door installations. This safety standard sets out clear guidelines for the design, installation and operation of the automatic doors.


The key requirements for automatic door installation as set out in BS EN 16005 include:


  • Sensor Safety

    To ensure the secure operation of automatic doors, they must be outfitted with sensors ensuring the detection of individuals or objects.

  • Safety Perimeters

    The vicinity surrounding automatic doors must remain free of any possible impediments.

  • Emergency Escape

    In the event of a power outage or other emergencies hindering normal operation, automatic doors should provide a means of escape.


  • Clear Indicators

    Prominent signage indicating the existence of automatic doors and their opening direction should be present


  • Routine Maintenance

    To guarantee the safe and effective functioning of automatic doors, regular maintenance procedures should be conducted.

BS EN 16005 must be complied with in full to minimise risk and to ensure the safety of users.


How long does it take to install an automatic door?


The safe installation of automatic doors can vary depending on a range of different factors. This will typically include the type of door chosen and the requirements of the site where it is being installed. A straightforward installation may take anywhere from a day to several days, while more complex installations could extend the timeframe further.


An experienced installer will be able to advise about the particular requirements of an installation and how long the process is likely to take. It’s important to bear in mind that this can change if unexpected challenges arise during the installation. Your installation team will be able to assess your site and provide accurate timelines for your automatic door installation.


How much does automatic door installation cost?


Automatic door installation is just one element of the overall price of installing automatic doors on your premises. As well as the installation, there is the cost of the door and any components that are required. The cost of the installation can vary considerably depending on a range of factors. The size of the doors and their complexity will be a key element in any costing, as will the site requirements.


To get a precise estimate for automatic door installation on your premises consult with an automatic door installation provider. They will be able to assess your site, advise on what might be the best installation for your premises, and then provide you with a tailored quotation.



Automatic door installation by Safetell Ltd


Safetell Ltd is a leading UK supplier of bespoke security solutions for a wide range of organisations. We provide a comprehensive design and installation service that guarantees high-quality, efficient results in any situation. Our comprehensive project management service can handle the entire process. With expertise in challenging site conditions and high-risk locations, we can ensure a safe and efficient installation that exceeds your expectations.


If you’re currently considering automatic door installation at your premises, then our experienced team are ready to help. We can advise about the most appropriate installation, how to meet regulatory requirements, and then design and install the optimal door system for your premises.



Automatic Doors Repairs, Servicing & Maintenance


With our trusted automatic door servicing, repairs and maintenance service, our customers can avoid costly and inconvenient breakdowns.


We maintain a “repair not replace” policy, only replacing parts as a last resort when fixing them is no longer an option, saving you money. Because we’re system agnostic, we’re able to provide the best advice on equipment regardless of the make or model. We don’t try and sell unnecessary products when they can be maintained for years to come.


You can be confident that your doors will be well-maintained and safe, and should a breakdown occur, we’ll be on hand to get them operating again in no time at all.


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