Automatic door closer

Automatic door closer repairs

05 October, 2023

Automatic doors are an increasingly popular option in a range of different buildings and settings. They have many benefits for businesses and organisations, helping to improve accessibility, add convenience and reduce energy costs. They’re an efficient, practical and cost-effective way to ensure straightforward access and security to your building.

Automatic doors are made up of a number of components that need to be maintained for optimum performance over time. One of the most critical components is the automatic door closer.


What is an automatic door closer?


An automatic door closer on automatic doors is a mechanism that controls the closing action of a door after it has been automatically opened by a motion sensor or other type of activation device.  They are typically installed on a door’s hinge side or at the top of the door frame.

They help to ensure that a door does not remain open any longer than necessary, ensuring that heat isn’t lost from the building and maintaining temperature control. In the long term this can result in substantial savings in energy running costs.


Is your automatic door closer broken?


An automatic door closer should work smoothly and effectively for extended periods of time. With regular maintenance, they should provide years of effective service. However, over time they may develop problems that need attention. This can be particularly the case in heavy traffic areas.

There are a number of signs that an automatic door closer may be faulty. This could be a door slamming shut, delayed or rapid closing and uneven alignment. These problems could indicate your door closer has a mechanical problem, sensor issues, or general wear and tear.

It’s advisable to seek professional advice as soon as problems arise to prevent smaller issues from growing into significant problems. This will ensure that your door is open and closing efficiently and is safe and secure.


Common automatic door closer issues

There are a range of automatic door closer issues that can arise over time. Some of the most common

automatic door closer problems are:

  • Slamming Door

If an automatic door closer is not properly adjusted it can lead to the door slamming shut forcefully. As well as being annoying, this can be a safety hazard.

  • Rapid Closing

If an automatic door closer closes the door too quickly, it can put the safety of users at risk. If this problem occurs, the doors should be put out of use until they have been inspected by an engineer and assessed to be safe or the problem rectified.

  • Delayed Closing

A regular problem that can occur is that the door closing mechanism may start working slowly or there may be a delay before closing begins. This can compromise energy efficiency and security.

  • Inconsistent Closing Speed

Erratic and inconsistent closing is usually an indication that an automatic door closer needs to be inspected, repaired or replaced.

  • Uneven Closing

If the automatic door closer has become misaligned, then the door may close unevenly, leaving a gap between the door and the frame.

  • Failure To Close Completely

A failing automatic door closer may fail to bring the door to a completely closed position, or it may leave the door partially open.

  • Noisy Operation

If the door closer is not properly lubricated or if certain components are damaged, then it may generate banging, creaking or squeaking noises.

  • Wear & Tear

Over time, you may notice that a range of wear and tear issues are developing on the automatic door closer mechanism. These can eventually lead to more serious problems developing, with the threat of breakdown. Regular maintenance and servicing can help to identify these problems early on allowing for repairs to take place and minimising the risk of unplanned downtime.


Does your automatic door closer need a service?


If your automatic door closer is showing signs of poor performance or possible malfunction, then it should be inspected to ascertain the problem as quickly as possible. If the door is closing erratically, operating inconsistently or producing unusual noises, then a service may be required.

One way to prevent these issues is by ensuring that your automatic doors are regularly serviced and maintained. In most cases, this may be once a year, but in high-traffic areas, this may need to be every six months, or possibly more frequently.

Daily use, weather exposure and wear and tear can all impact the performance of automatic doors, the automatic door closer included. Regular servicing by a qualified technician can help identify any underlying problems and make any necessary adjustments.


An automatic door service is comprehensive, which means that safety features such as obstruction sensors continue to work effectively. A service visit can also include lubrication of moving parts, as well as worn components being replaced, all of which can extend the lifespan of your automatic door closer and door.

Investing in regular servicing and maintenance for your automatic door set-up, including your automatic door

closer, will ensure the optimal performance of your doors, increase energy efficiency, enhance safety and extend the lifespan of your doors.


Automatic door closer repairs from Safetell


Safetell is an automatic door specialist. Our experienced and reliable team provide an exceptional automatic door servicing and repair service for our growing client list.

We understand just how costly unplanned automatic door repairs and downtime can be for your business. You can minimise this risk by getting your equipment serviced and maintained regularly by Safetell.

As a customer-focused provider, we have a “repair not replace” mentality, meaning we will only replace parts as a last resort when fixing them is no longer an option. Because we’re system agnostic we’re able to give the best advice on equipment regardless of make and model.

Contact us to find out how we can ensure your automatic doors can be relied upon to keep working for years to come.