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Why automatic sliding doors are good for commercial properties?

29 March, 2023

One of the means through which us at Safetell help businesses achieve greater better on-site security and accessibility is through the installation of automatic sliding doors. We bring a range of benefits to commercial properties while playing a part in the overall security set-up in the building.

At Safetell, we’re committed to improving the security and accessibility environment in which businesses operate. In this guide we’ll explore what automatic sliding doors are, and the benefits they can deliver for commercial properties.


What are automatic sliding doors? 

Automatic sliding doors are designed to enable the safe and smooth passage of goods and people into and out of premises. They provide easy access to a commercial building, opening, and closing automatically as when they are required. They also create an easily accessible entrance, improving access for people with disabilities and removing barriers to entering your premises.

At the same time, automatic sliding doors can include security aspects and be configured to only allow access to permitted people. This makes them a versatile solution that can provide the level of access and security that business owners needs. Sliding doors can be installed with a single or double design and can be used for both internal and external doors. Their flexible design means that they can be integrated into different building configurations.


How do automatic sliding doors work? 

Automatic sliding doors are fitted with sensors which detect movement and will usually be placed at the sides and along the top of the door frame. These sensors use infrared technology to detect movement around the door. As people walk up to the doors, the sensors will detect that movement triggering the doors to open. When people walk through the door, their motion will ensure that the sensors remain activated. As soon as motion is no longer detected, the doors will then automatically close.

It’s also possible to install automatic sliding doors that are operated via a timer. These will cause the doors to open and close intermittently. All automatic sliding doors will usually have an option to keep the doors open. This can be useful in retail premises as it makes customers aware that the shop is open.

There are two kinds of sensors that are commonly installed. Optical and motion sensors use motor or optical detection to sense motion in the vicinity of the doors. Alternatively, automatic doors can be fitted with pressure sensors. When any kind of pressure is placed against the doors they will open.

When either type of sensor has been activated, a signal will be sent to the automatic doors. This signal will then trigger the opening of the doors. Conversely, when no motion nor pressure is present anymore, a signal will be sent for the doors to close.

There are a number of different ways that sliding doors can be installed depending on the size and design of the building, as well as the size and design of the doors. Typically, mounting or hanging will be used to install the doors. All sliding doors will have a track at the bottom to facilitate the smooth movement of the doors when they are opening and closing.

Sliding doors can be configured to slide in different ways. They may slide to one side, or double sliding doors can slide away from each other.


What are the benefits of automatic sliding doors for commercial premises? 

Automatic sliding doors have a range of benefits that make them a popular choice for commercial premises. These include:


Enhanced accessibility 

Installing automatic sliding doors at your commercial property immediately enhances accessibility. They allow people to gain access to your building, removing some of the barriers that can be limiting for people with physical disabilities. They are also helpful for anyone who finds opening heavy doors difficult, or who may be carrying large amounts of goods or equipment, or perhaps pushing a pushchair. The doors open and close automatically, allowing people to enter at will.

Automatic sliding doors are more convenient for business owners, clients, and consumers. Fitting automatic sliding doors should enable you to meet some of the accessibility requirements of the Disability Discrimination Act.


Creates a more inviting environment

Automatic sliding doors can be more attractive to consumers; something that is particularly important if you run a retail premises. They create a more open, inviting environment, and the opening and closing doors can create a sense of activity and interest. They give commercial premises a more professional appearance as well as improving access.


A sustainable solution 

Another key benefit of automatic sliding doors for commercial premises is their sustainability. Not only do automatic sliding doors open smoothly, but they also close automatically when they’re not required. Frequently, manual doors at commercial premises are left open by staff and visitors, allowing heat to escape the building. In the colder months this can result in a considerable heat loss from the premises.

Automatic sliding doors provide efficient insulation, remaining shut unless they are required. This should be reflected in lower building running costs. If your building has air conditioning installed it can also prevent fluctuations in the building temperature during the summer months.


Glazing options

Automatic sliding doors can be fitted with a range of glazes that deliver a variety of different benefits. Glazes can be installed that can reduce the impact of condensation, as well as frost on the glass. Other glazes are able to almost eliminate the effect of ultraviolet rays. Something as simple as the glazing you choose for your automatic sliding door can make a real difference to the comfort of your commercial premises as well as its running costs.


Open up your space

Sliding doors have the flexibility to create more of a flow between the space inside and outside your building. In the summer months, you may choose to fix your doors open, giving you easier access to any available outside space.


Enhance natural light

The large glass panes that are usually fitted in automatic sliding doors help to maximise the natural light that enters your premises. As well as making your premises more inviting, it can reduce the need for artificial lighting.


Compact operation 

Automatic sliding doors don’t require space to swing into when they are opening. This means that overall they take up less space, making them suitable anywhere that space is limited.

If your commercial premises opens out onto a busy street, then sliding door designs are essential. If space is limited in your premises, the compact operation of automatic sliding doors makes them an ideal choice. They provide easy access to your premises, whatever the space. No more squeezing through small doors, or doors opening into a crowded space. This again enhances the overall attractiveness of your space for employees, clients, and customers.



 Automatic sliding doors contain tough security glass that is robust and shatterproof. When the building is not in use and the doors are in a closed and locked position, they are extremely difficult to force. Because they slide open, they are incredibly difficult to attempt to force. Modern automatic sliding doors contain advanced security features that improve the overall security of commercial premises.

It’s also possible to combine automatic sliding doors with entry systems that ensure they only open when personnel with the correct access permission approaches. Automatic sliding doors can be configured to enable generalised access during working hours, or more limited access to employees and permitted visitors.



 Automatic sliding doors can enhance the safety of your premises. Because they open fully as when required, they reduce the risk of doors closing on someone as they are entering or leaving the buildings.

Well-maintained, automatic sliding doors that are operating correctly almost eliminate the risk of accidental injury or damage. This is particularly important on commercial premises where employee, customer or client injury can create significant issues that will need to be dealt with. As the doors slide open there is little opportunity for building users to get trapped or caught in the door. Safety sensors and other technology ensure timely opening and closing. Lateral sensors increase the safety of every automatic sliding door.

If you’re looking to improve the safety of access to your premises, then automatic sliding doors are an excellent choice.


Enhanced appearance 

Contemporary sliding doors are a stylish choice for commercial premises. They enhance the overall appearance of your premises, creating a clean and contemporary look for your business. Automatic sliding doors are made bespoke for your business, meaning they can be designed to fit with your branding as well as the requirements of your operation. This combination of enhanced appearance with high functionality and practicality makes automatic sliding doors a popular choice for businesses.


How much are automatic sliding doors?

 Automatic sliding doors are an attractive and cost-effective solution. They are competitively priced compared to some of the alternatives, making them an obvious choice for many businesses.

Bespoke automatic sliding doors UK will vary in price depending on a number of different factors. The size of the opening, your choice of doors and materials, the operating system, the difficulty or otherwise of installation and the type of usage you expect for your automatic sliding doors. An automatic sliding door installation company will conduct a site visit, consider your own particular requirements and then produce a quote. They may also suggest ways in which the quote could be reduced.


How can Safetell help?

At Safetell, we are one of the UK’s most trusted companies when it comes to physical security products and services. Our products have been tried and tested for over 30 years and are designed to provide comprehensive levels of protection for employees and company assets, enhancing on-site security against a range of threats. We protect people by solving physical security challenges. We offer a unique portfolio of products, design, and services to meet the changing needs of our customers.

We can advise about the benefits that automatic sliding doors could deliver for your premises. We will conduct a site visit to assess the suitability of installing automatic sliding doors. We will then take the necessary measurements and create a bespoke design that meets your aesthetic, access and security requirements. We can also offer our automatic door servicing contracts where we implement our ‘repair not replace’ strategies, in order to save you money!

Our professional and experienced project management team can manage the process, whatever the particular demands of the site. Our specialist installation teams will then ensure a smooth installation of your automatic sliding doors.

Contact us to find out more.