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Downtime on your automatic doors can have a significant effect on your business.

Do you need an automatic door repair in London? At Safetell, we understand the importance of well-functioning automatic doors in both commercial and residential settings in London. Our team of highly skilled technicians have years of experience and offers comprehensive automatic door repair services to businesses and property owners. We work swiftly to diagnose and rectify any issues, reducing downtime and quickly restoring access.

We also offer service and maintenance packages to suit your London business.

If you’re looking for an automatic door repair in London, then Safetell can help. We can get your doors back up and running as quickly as possible without compromising on safety.

Contact our professional experienced team to find out more about automatic door repair and maintenance services, and how we can help.

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We provide Planned Preventative Maintenance services in London tailored to your business needs, featuring improved response times, part discounts, and reduced call-out rates for returning customers.

For newcomers to Safetell, we also offer a non-contracted, purchase order-based alternative. This allows new clients to enjoy our automatic door repairs and service offerings without the need for a full contractual commitment.

What We Offer:

ADSA Approved provider
24/7 Service Desk
Meets BS EN 16005
9:00am – 17:00pm PPM and Safety Test
Electronic Visit Report
Health & Safety Advice
Lifecycle Advice

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Door Automation London:

Not only do we specialise in offering professional automatic door repairs in London for Businesses, we also offer automatic door installation in London. Our primary focus is on delivering a top-notch service that aligns with your specific requirements, ensuring reliable automation for your doors.

Recognising the individualised needs and preferences of each client in door automation, we provide a diverse range of automatic door products for both your automatic door installation and repairs, sourced from reputable manufacturers. Our meticulous selection process allows us to recommend the most suitable solutions for your London business without being restricted to a particular brand or manufacturer.

Our team of experts conducts a thorough assessment of your needs, evaluates the desired functionality and features, and recommends the most fitting door automation solution accordingly. Emphasising quality, reliability, and performance, we install, repair and service automatic door systems in London that adhere to the highest standards.

Services and Features:

  • ✔ Door automation available for both new and existing swinging/sliding doors
  • ✔ Free surveys available
  • ✔ Risk Assessments to ensure doors meet BS EN 16005
  • ✔ Our Engineers hold UKPIA/SPA Safety Passports, required for all contractors undertaking work on petrol filling stations.
  • ✔ Directly employed BS 7858 Security Vetted Engineers
  • ✔ ADSA trained engineers with a range of products from trusted manufacturers
  • ✔ Nationwide coverage
  • ✔ Free Safety Checks
  • ✔ Retrofits for most manufacturers
  • ✔ 1 year warranty on installation and parts
  • ✔ Aftersales service and maintenance packages

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Donald T Maskell | Technical Operations Manager

We have always found Safetell technically competent with a good team of engineers and always look at innovative solutions for saving money i.e. repair instead of replacing.

train station

Gordon Park | Reactive Works Manager

Safetell were able to provide a solution very quickly, having ordered the screens on Monday, they were installed in the train station by Thursday the same week, which I was very pleased with.

The screens look great, much better than I had expected they would for the low cost, and the fitting was very professional.

man in supermarket

Mr Patel | Franchise Owner

The screens look great and the staff really like the screen and feel a lot safer, especially as the store opens late.

The installation was smooth and we are so happy with the Safetell screen that another screen is on order for our neighbouring store.

Automatic Door Maintenance in London

London is a city that is constantly moving, meaning that businesses, commercial spaces and public facilities need to ensure convenient access. One of the means through which this is achieved is by automatic doors. These enable speedy and convenient access and exit from a building with the minimum of fuss.

Ensuring that automatic doors operate effectively and safely as and when needed, even in the busiest environments, requires regular maintenance. This plays a vital role in preventing unexpected breakdowns and extending the lifespan of automatic doors.

Routine automatic door maintenance will typically include inspection, lubrication, adjustment, and testing of door components to identify and then address any potential problems. This ensures that any developing issues are spotted early on and then addressed. Automatic door service London technicians will also conduct comprehensive safety checks to ensure that doors comply with the relevant industry standards and regulations.

At Safetell, we also help our clients ensure the safe and reliable operation of their automatic doors with our automatic door maintenance service. We are committed to a “repair not replace” ethos, which means we won’t sell you parts and components that you do not need. We can be relied upon to ensure your doors are working efficiently without incurring unnecessary costs.

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Automatic doors are an essential part of modern life, particularly in busy urban environments. They are a staple feature in a wide range of buildings, enhancing convenience and providing quick seamless access for occupants and visitors.

However, automatic doors are a sophisticated piece of machinery, and as with any mechanical system, automatic doors can break down. General wear and tear, accidents and component failure can all lead to occasional breakdowns. While regular servicing and maintenance can reduce the risk of breakdowns occurring, they will sometimes happen.

When breakdowns happen, it’s essential to seek professional automatic door repair services as quickly and promptly as possible. An automatic door service London will ensure that your door is restored to its optimal functionality as quickly and efficiently as possible. Contact Safetell today for immediate assistance with your automatic doors in London.

Automatic doors require regular servicing in London to help you avoid potentially significant automatic door repair costs associated with replacing auto door parts, and to ensure the safety and efficiency of operation for your customers.

We provide two service package options. The first is a contracted service, necessitating a commitment to a predefined agreement encompassing agreed-upon pricing for call-outs and planned preventative automatic door maintenance in London. The second is a non-contracted package, where no formal commitment is required for automatic door repair London call-outs. All that’s needed beforehand is a discussion to understand your needs, provide a quote, and schedule a convenient time for our service.

We generally recommend scheduled preventative maintenance in London one to two times per year, depending on usage. Our maintenance is carried out in accordance with the recommendations of the original equipment manufacturer. Ensuring safety is paramount, and this contributes to prolonging the lifespan, value, and performance of your automatic door system. Our London automatic door servicing incorporates a cost-effective regimen of routine inspections, coupled with a swift repair service when needed, all with the goal of maintaining the safety of your system.

We customise this approach by taking into account various factors to align with your business, such as the number of automatic doors on site. This ensures that we can provide the optimal service tailored to meet your specific needs. To find out the cost of our Proactive Automatic Door Service tailored to your requirements, we recommend contacting us today. Our experts can advise you on the most suitable options based on their expertise.

Several factors, including the number and age of your doors, budget considerations, and the structure of your business, can influence the choice of the right service for you. Our team of Auto door experts is well-equipped to assist you in this decision-making process. Through a comprehensive fact-finding discussion about your business, we can provide guidance on the most efficient and cost-effective solution tailored to your needs. Contact us today and we can assist any query you have, from automatic door repairs in London, to servicing nationwide.

Our ‘repair not replace’ philosophy aims to provide our customers with a more cost-effective automatic door service in London. Although it would be more convenient to inform you that a part is damaged and charge you a higher fee for its replacement, we are committed to prioritising our customers’ best interests. With our approach, you can trust that we strive to repair your automatic door instead of opting for replacement, ensuring you receive the utmost quality service. Moreover, our impartiality to any specific parts supplier means we consistently choose the best product for each situation, prioritising quality over what may be initially, more profitable for us.