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Commercial Door Repair Service

11 January, 2024

A commercial door repair service can quickly identify any issues that are impacting the performance of your doors and then rectify them. Automatic doors are an essential part of the modern world. They facilitate easier access to buildings for a wider range of people, help to save energy and increase security across commercial buildings.

Keeping them well-maintained and in good working order is critical. Unexpected downtime can be inconvenient but even with regular servicing problems can occur. If your doors break down you need a commercial door repair service you can rely upon. Spotting the early warning signs of a potential failure can prevent breakdowns.

An efficient commercial repair service helps to keep your doors running as efficiently and safely as possible for longer and reduces the risk of breakdowns.


Do you need your automatic door repaired?


In short, yes they do. There is often a range of issues that develop prior to your automatic door breaking down that can reduce the performance of your doors and create problems for building users.


Some of the operational issues to look out for include:


  • Slow or inconsistent operation


If your automatic doors are opening or closing more slowly than usual, or if their operation is inconsistent, it can indicate that there is a problem. This can be due to issues with the sensors, motors or other components. Commercial door repairs can quickly identify and then address the problem.


  • Noisy operation


If your door is producing grinding, squeaking or clicking noise during operation it might be indicative of a mechanical problem. This may signal that these components need lubricating or that parts need replacing.


  • Safety Sensor Failures

Safety sensors are an essential component of your automatic doors. These detect obstructions and prevent accidents from occurring. If they are malfunctioning, the door may fail to respond to potential obstacles and may not close properly.


  • Worn or Damaged Component


Regularly check for visible signs of damage or wear and tear on the door components, including tracks, rollers, hinges and belts. You should also check the seals and weather stripping which when damaged can allow moisture and debris to enter the door mechanism. Any visibly worn or damaged components should be replaced promptly to prevent operational issues from arising.


  • Control Panel Malfunction


If the keypad or control panel isn’t working correctly it might indicate that there’s an issue with the door’s electrical components. Commercial door repair services can identify any potential electrical problems to ensure safe and reliable operation.


  • Faulty Wiring


Loose connections, exposed wires or signs of damage to the door wiring should be quickly addressed by a commercial door repair service. These will not only impact the door’s operation but can pose a safety risk to users.


  • Physical Damage


If your automatic doors have sustained physical damage, such as cracks, dents or bent frames, it can affect the door’s operation and overall safety.


If you become aware that your door has any of these issues it’s advisable to contact a commercial door repair service as soon as possible. Timely repairs alongside regular maintenance can help to extend the lifespan of the door, ensure your doors are safe and prevent inconvenience for users.


Automatic Door Repairs & Maintenance from Safetell


If you are experiencing a problem with your automatic door, then Safetell’s team of professional engineers can help. We help to reduce door downtime and the added inconvenience of faulty, unreliable automatic doors. Regular maintenance can help to minimise the risk of automatic door failure and the need for commercial door repairs. It gives you confidence that your doors are safe and working efficiently.

We offer two maintenance and repair packages for our clients. Progressive Service is a non-contracted, purchase order-based option, which allows clients to benefit from Safetell’s service and maintenance offering without fully committing to a contract.

Proactive Service is a contracted alternative, which offers returning clients the peace of mind of enhanced response times, discounts on parts, and reduced rates on call-out and repair fees. If you require automatic door repairs in London, then we have a team of local specialists who can advise and help.


Contact us to find out more.



Emergency Automatic Door Repairs


An automatic door which malfunctions can pose an immediate safety hazard and be inconvenient for building users. Safetell provides rapid response emergency commercial door repairs to get your doors in full working order again as quickly as possible.


Commercial Automatic Door Repairs


Commercial buildings depend on the safe, reliable and efficient operation of their automatic doors. If your doors break down or have problems with their operation it can be inconvenient and costly. Our team of engineers can be on-site quickly to ensure that your doors are operating safely and efficiently.


With our ‘repair not replace’ ethos we won’t charge you for new parts when existing components can be repaired. Our commercial door repair service can ensure your doors are working efficiently and safely.



Frequently Asked Questions



Can I use Safetell to repair my automatic door if I am contracted with another company?


Yes. Safetell is happy to provide automatic door repairs for clients who are contracted with other companies. It’s important to check with your current provider to see if using an alternative service invalidates or compromises your current agreement.


I have been advised I need a replacement part, can you help?


We have a ‘repair not replace’ ethos that looks to maximise the service life of current parts and not replace them unnecessarily. Our team will check the condition of your current components and assess if they can be repaired before you need to spend money on a replacement.


How fast can you repair my automatic door?


We provide a 24/7 service desk for our Proactive Service customers and aim to be on-site as quickly as possible. We understand that door downtime is not only an inconvenience but it can be costly.