Craig Chappell: From RAF to Senior Service Technician at Safetell

22 August, 2023

At Safetell, our commitment to cultivating a diverse and highly skilled workforce is exemplified through the experiences of our employees. Particularly, the stories of two individuals who transitioned from military service and made a significant impact within our organisation—Craig Chappell and Simon Dhinsa, both distinguished veterans—highlight how their distinct skill sets, refined during years of military training, align seamlessly with the values of Safetell. In the upcoming section, we will delve into Craig’s journey from the RAF to Safetell.

RAF Experience: A strong foundation

Craig Chappell’s career took off when he joined the RAF at a young age. He underwent 18 months of comprehensive basic and trade training, honing his skills in various aspects of electronic workshop practices, and obtaining an ONC, City and Guilds qualification. During his time with the RAF, Craig played a crucial role in supporting air systems and equipment during a 4-month tour in The Falklands in 1994. With 12 years of dedicated service, as an Air Radar Technician, under his belt, he eventually decided to take a new direction.

Transitioning out of the RAF into civilian work

Upon leaving the RAF, Craig faced the challenge of finding his way into the civilian job market. He briefly joined Yorkshire Cable, gaining valuable experience over three years before unfortunate redundancy. Undeterred, he entered the cable contracting field for a year, later moving to Marconi Telecoms to contribute to their BT Contract.

Transferring skills: RAF to Safetell

Craig joined Safetell in 2003 as a service technician. What started as a temporary stop-gap quickly evolved into a substantial role. Through hard work, dedication, and willingness to put in long hours, his efforts were recognised, resulting in well-deserved pay increases. Within just two years, he demonstrated his expertise and commitment, earning a promotion to Senior Technician, and he is still with the business today, 20 years later.

Craig’s background in the RAF brought a wealth of skills that seamlessly transitioned into his role at Safetell:

  1. Technical Expertise: His experience with electronics in the RAF translated to working with Safetell’s systems, highlighting his adaptability and expertise.
  2. Adaptation: Familiarity with hydraulics in the RAF allowed him to adapt to Safetell’s pneumatic screens, showcasing his ability to learn and apply new concepts.
  3. Deadline-Oriented: Working under tight deadlines in different environments during his RAF tenure prepared him to excel in Safetell’s dynamic and time-sensitive projects.
  4. Strong Work Ethic: Craig’s military background instilled a strong work ethic, contributing to his rapid rise to the position of Senior Tech.
  5. Effective Communication: Skills gained from the military, such as time management, communication, and presentation, proved invaluable in his interactions with Safetell’s customers as a front-facing engineer.

In summary, Craig Chappell’s journey from an RAF Air Radar Technician to a Senior Technician at Safetell demonstrates the potential of transferable skills. His ability to leverage his military background and seamlessly apply it to a civilian role is a testament to his dedication, adaptability, and continuous pursuit of excellence.

Here we explore how Simon’s military background has influenced his impactful role at Safetell.