From Gunner to Team Lead: Simon Dhinsa’s Journey of Skill Transfer and Growth

23 August, 2023

Continuing from our recent blog post about Craig Chappell’s transition from the RAF to Safetell, we now explore how Simon Dhinsa’s military background has shaped his role at Safetell.

Simon’s journey is a testament to the power of adaptability and the seamless transition of skills from one realm to another, exemplifying dedication and growth.

Early military foundations

Enlisting in the Royal Air Force Regiment at 19, Simon embarked on a transformative journey. With 6 months of intensive basic training, he was deployed to 3 Squadron RAF Regiment. His career took a significant turn as he completed two operational tours in Afghanistan, serving in Kandahar and Bastion. Notably, he played an integral role in the Medical Emergency Response Team (M.E.R.T) and acquired proficiency in advanced first aid, weaponry, and driving.

Transitioning to civilian life

After six years of dedicated military service, Simon transitioned to civilian life. His initial step involved contributing to car gas strut production in a manufacturing capacity. Demonstrating strategic acumen, he leveraged his enhanced learning credits to reskill himself for the electrical industry.

A new chapter: joining Safetell

Simon’s journey continued at Safetell, where he began as a service technician, in 2015. Rapid advancement marked his trajectory as he progressed to the role of Senior Engineer and ultimately attained the position of Team Lead, in 2022. His growth was nurtured through job-specific training and ongoing learning opportunities.

Seamless skill migration

  1. Calm amidst pressure: The crucible of high-pressure situations during his military service cultivated composure, enabling Simon to effectively address new and complex challenges.
  2. Fostered work ethic: Simon’s military background instilled a robust work ethic that propelled his advancement within Safetell. This ethos played a pivotal role in his ascent to Senior Engineer and Team Lead positions.
  3. Mastering time management, communication, and presentation: Skills honed in the military seamlessly translated into Simon’s role as a front-facing engineer, facilitating effective time management, communication, and presentation with Safetell’s clients.
  4. Empowered by enhanced learning and adaptability: Simon’s strategic and forward-thinking approach to personal growth was evidenced by his use of enhanced learning credits earned during his military service, enabling a successful transition into the electrical industry, and his progression in his role at Safetell.

Simon’s experience highlights how being adaptable and actively striving for excellence can make a significant impact in various areas. His evolution from a Gunner to a Team Lead showcases the seamless transfer of skills, resilience, and the drive for growth—bridging the divide between military valour and civilian leadership.

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