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Turnstile gates

Turnstile Gates

Ensuring safe and efficient access in public spaces, such as transport hubs,…

speed gates

How much do speed gates cost?

Speed gates provide state-of-the-art access control in a wide range of contexts….

Retail's Best Sub-Partner badge

Strengthening Retail Security: Safetell Sub-Partners with Retail’s Best

Safetell, a leader in physical security solutions for retailers and forecourt operators,…

a man doing an installation after the customer asked how much does automatic door installation cost

How much does automatic door installation cost?

Call our team today if you want an automatic door installation cost…

Types of automatic doors with women walking through

What are the different types of automatic doors?

What are the different types of automatic doors, what are their individual…

supermarket shelves

Retail Crime in the UK – and How To Address It

Shop theft has reached record highs in the retail sector, with nearly…

petrol station

Combatting Criminal Activity in Petrol Stations

There is an alarming increase in theft and crime in the retail…

automatic door installation complete

Automatic Door Installation

Do you need an automatic door installation service? Call Safetell now to…

a woman entering a building with a laptop containing BS EN 16500 information on

What is BS EN 16005?

BS EN 16005 is a set of guidelines that have been developed…

a man offering a commercial door repair service

Commercial Door Repair Service

A commercial door repair service can quickly identify any issues that are…

crowbar trying to fix an automatic door not opening

Automatic Door Not Opening

An automatic door not opening can be a particular headache limiting access…

Automatic door repairs

Safetell Enhances Security and Accessibility For International School

With renewed concerns about terror attacks and other threats facing our schools,…


High Security Safes

Insafe’s range of Grade Safes is for those that require the very…

Dudley High Security Drawer Deposit Safe

High Security Deposit Safes

Dudley Safes, with an expertise over a century, are synonymous with top-tier…


Phoenix Cashier SS0996ED Budget Deposit Safe

Phoenix Safe Company is one of the oldest UK manufacturers of safes…

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