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Safetell Enhances Security and Accessibility For International School

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With renewed concerns about terror attacks and other threats facing our schools, many educational institutions are looking for innovative solutions that ensure the safety of their students and staff. After successfully installing ballistic fencing and a guardhouse at a prestigious international school in London, Safetell was contacted once again to improve the security of the school’s reception area.

The primary challenge was to provide a secure area that effectively managed the flow of individuals in and out of the school while preserving the aesthetic and accessibility of the historic building.


The client initially approached Safetell through a security consultant, who had previously engaged with the school but was different for this particular project. The school recognised the need to enhance security at its public entrance while maintaining the integrity of its historic listed entrance doors. Safetell was asked to create a secure interlock system using glazed partitioning and automated doors (EN1627 RC4 Glazing – Attack glazing), allowing only one door to open at a time to assess the security risk of incoming visitors before granting access to the reception area.

The project also involved the installation of a fire door and an additional swinging/sliding door at a staff entrance, both concealed behind listed timber doors. Due to the unique architectural and structural constraints of the building, the entire solution had to be highly bespoke, making the design phase particularly intricate and lengthy.


To address these challenges, Safetell devised a comprehensive solution that comprised a secure lobby with interlock doors positioned behind the school’s original front entrance doors. The automated doors were designed to ensure that only one door could open at a time, enabling a controlled and secure entry process. The glazing used for the partitioning met EN1627 RC4 standards for attack resistance. This bespoke solution was tailored to fit the building’s unique requirements, which included accommodating structural columns, roof configurations, and other architectural constraints. The entire project spanned from 2018 to 2023, with extensive efforts invested in agreeing upon the design, security risk levels, and aesthetics. The actual installation, including door automation, was completed within 2-3 weeks.

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The challenges faced during this installation revolved around designing a system that simultaneously provided the required level of security and allowed for the smooth entry and exit of visitors, including those with mobility challenges. Safetell leveraged its decades of design expertise, specialized products, and ongoing communication with the client to gain a deep understanding of their specific needs.

Ultimately, the client was highly satisfied with the result. The secure interlock system seamlessly blended with the historic aesthetics of the school’s entrance while significantly enhancing security. As a testament to the success of this project, plans for an additional project in the near future were initiated.

Continuity from Previous Project

This project was a continuation of Safetell’s partnership with the school. In a prior engagement, the school sought to proactively address security risks, ranging from low-level threats to potential attacks involving firearms and vehicles. The primary challenge was to secure the school’s perimeter while maintaining an open and inviting environment for the children to play.

Safetell collaborated with the school and the main contractor to design and manufacture a ballistic boundary system that incorporated ballistic-resistant walling and discreetly positioned PAS 68 bollards. This system served as a shield, preventing large vehicles from ramming into the school. The walling itself consisted of bullet-resistant armour and glass to safeguard against firearm attacks.

To maintain outward visibility and light transparency while obscuring views into the school, mirror-coated glass and vertical architectural fins were employed. The design also had to blend seamlessly with the surrounding environment, ensuring a sympathetic aesthetic. Green lights were strategically added to create an attractive illumination along the boundary.

Safetell also constructed a guardhouse using its LPS-accredited CityWall system and Stalwart doors to provide security officers with a dedicated space to receive visitors and monitor activities inside and outside the school.

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Safetell’s collaboration with this prestigious UK school is a testimony to its proficiency in addressing complex security challenges while maintaining architectural aesthetics and accessibility requirements. The successful implementation of secure interlock systems and ballistic boundary solutions underscores the company’s commitment to providing tailored and effective security solutions for educational institutions and other sectors facing similar security concerns.

As a result, Safetell continues to build on its strong relationship with the school, with plans for additional projects on the horizon.

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