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International School – Reducing Security Risks

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Given the ever-present risk of a terrorist incident in major cities, an international school in central London decided to proactively address the risk and implement measures to safeguard the children, and staff, whilst at school.


The risks the school faced could be from low-level attacks from unstable individuals, through to potential attacks with firearms, and vehicles used as weapons, either indirectly or directly targeting the school. The client needed an unobtrusive solution that would secure the perimeter whilst still ensuring the space around the school would not be affected, leaving the children a protected outside space to play. It was important for the children to have a clear view outside, making the space feel open, whilst still providing protection and privacy from the outside in.


After receiving the enquiry and conceptual plans from the architect, Safetell reviewed the requirement and prepared a solution that would meet the project’s needs. Working closely with the main contractor, Safetell designed and manufactured a ballistic boundary system to protect the perimeter around the school. Utilising a combination of the ballistic resistant walling and discreetly positioned PAS 68 bollards to create a shield preventing large vehicles from ramming into the school. The walling itself was made up of bullet-resistant armour and glass to protect against firearm attacks.


Mirror-coated glass and vertical architectural fins were used to obscure the view into the school while retaining outward visibility and light transparency. It was agreed with the school, the architect, and the local authority, that the design needed to be sympathetic to the surrounding environment as well as look good. This influenced the colour of the system and its appearance. Green lights were added to shine down through the glass, appearing at low light levels, creating an attractive illusion on the boundary. Additionally, the school required an area for security officers to receive visitors, and monitor activities both inside and outside of the school. A guardhouse was constructed from Safetell’s LPS-accredited CityWall system and Stalwart doors. Contact Safetell if you require any security solutions for your premises!

“We are immensely proud of this unique and important installation. It is a prime example of Safetell’s capability, proficiency and effectiveness when presented with a clients physical security problem. As always our design team focused on the client’s desired outcome and worked our way back to the solution that mitigated the risk for the school. ”

Nick Shannon
Managing Director, Safetell

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