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High Security Safes

✔ Tested, certified and insurance approved, our range of graded safes offer outstanding cash ratings from £6,000 up to £150,000 and valuables up to £1.5million.

✔ Every safe has been designed and built to world class standards, then it will have been independently tested and certified by the LPCB (the Loss Prevention Certification Board) to European standard EN1143-1. The high specification construction uses the very latest materials and technologies to ensure we manufacture the most secure safes around.

✔ The superb accreditation doesn’t end there! All Insafe Grade Safes are insurance approved by the AiS (Association of Insurance Brokers).

✔ Safetell can provide a complete service of customised specifications, as well as delivery and installation nationwide to any floor

✔ Installation checklist

High Security Safes

Insafe’s range of Grade Safes is for those that require the very best level of protection a safe can offer. The Insafe Grade range of safes are perfect for retailers, the leisure and hotel industries, business / office use, the public sector and homes requiring protection of valuables, jewellery and cash with a high net worth.


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