Could a Metal Detector be the right Entrance Control Solution for Your Business?

06 July, 2021

We have all encountered a metal detector at airports or building entrances at some point in our lives. Whilst they are, without doubt, one of the bests ways to detect weapons, such as knives or guns, they actually offer much more to the buildings or venues in which they are used. We take a look at some of the benefits you may not have considered before…


Benefits of a Metal Detector

  • Prevent entry with weapons, including knives and guns
  • A feeling of safety can be created in an area with a metal detector
  • Peace of mind to people inside the building
  • Physically imposing and obvious, they provide a deterrent to any would-be criminal
  • It allows control over who can enter/leave an area and what they can bring with them
  • Removes issues around ‘tailgating’
  • Multiple types and models of metal detectors for different scenarios and applications, most common are the handheld and walkthrough devices
  • Handheld metal detectors are a lower-cost solution and are still able to identify potentially dangerous metallic objects
  • Walkthrough metal detectors are a convenient and more efficient solution to the handheld devices
  • A combination of both walk through and handheld scanners will provide the highest security solution
  • It is also possible to get metal detectors integrated into Entrance Control products, i.e. Security Portals and Revolving Doors, which will not allow entry to an area with potentially dangerous metallic objects


Applications where Metal Detectors are commonly used

  • Airports
  • Education Facilities
  • Corporate/Government Buildings
  • Stadia/Venues
  • Tourist Attractions/Landmarks


Metal Detectors Integrated with Entrance Control Products

For applications with high security requirements a metal detector could be integrated into the Security Portal or Revolving Door, which can have other security benefits. For example, we provide a range of security resistance levels including EN1627 RC4 Manual Attack rating and EN1522 FB4 Ballistic Rating in our Portals and Revolving Doors; these products, when integrated with a metal detector, can prevent entry to any user with a restricted metallic object.


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