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What is BIM, and what does it mean for the industry?

29 December, 2021

What is BIM?

At Safetell, we have recently added BIM models to our website, and we now appear on BIMobject. BIMobject is a resource that allows specifiers, particularly architects, to find and download our BIM models.

Building Information Modelling (BIM), is a 3D digital building process that enables all stakeholders involved in a building project to visualise and calculate the cost, time, maintenance, safety and sustainability before construction even starts. It is a comprehensive process where multi-disciplinary data and information for a built asset is created and managed. A digital representation of that asset across its entire lifecycle.


File formats for BIM

BIM data can be managed in a number of different ways and file formats.  Typically users will work with specialist software dependent on their job role, for example, architects might use Autodesk REVIT. Some common file formats used for BIM are RVT, NWD, DWG, IFC, COBie. We are able to provide both RVT and IFC files.


What does BIM mean for the industry?

We understand BIM is quickly becoming a necessity moving forward in construction, especially with Governments around the world mandating BIM for public projects.  As of April 2016, all projects funded by the central government need to be delivered with fully collaborative 3D BIM. With a global population that continues to rapidly increase, the industry needs to look to more efficient, and smarter ways to design and build, BIM allows for this.

If you are interested in our BIM models, please take a look at our BIMobject site. We will continue to add to this portfolio in time.


We are open to questions and discussions with our customers and audience about BIM and Physical Security products. If you have any questions, let us know!


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