Frequently asked Questions About Speed Gates

06 October, 2021

Speed Gates and Speed Lanes are both product ranges that provide an Entrance Control and Anti-tailgating solution to any business or secure area. A few of the most frequently asked questions about these products are:

Do I need to buy a Safetell access control system to control Safetell Speed Gates?

No, Safetell Speed Gates are designed to be used with third-party access control systems, or we can supply an access control system if you don’t have one already.


Can Safetell fit swipe card readers or QR code readers into its Speed Gates?

Yes – if the access control system is being supplied by a third party you need to tell us what readers your access control provider are considering using, as well as the sizes so that we can confirm they can be fitted. If you buying the access control system from Safetell we will supply and fit the swipe card readers or QR Code readers.


How many people per minute can pass through Safetell Speed Gates?

The lanes themselves operate quickly but in reality, people take a second or two to swipe their card and then walk through, therefore we tend to work on 12 to 15 people per minute per lane passing through as a reasonable and achievable flow rate (Note: the speed of flow will also rely on the speed of the access control system authorising cards)


What power and data connections are required?

This is dependent on the model of Speed Gate, please speak to a member of our team for specific model information.


What is the difference between Speed Gates and Speed Lanes?

All of the above information is relevant to both our Speed Gates and Speed Lanes range of products.


However, the difference is our Speed Gates have glazed cabinets and fold open with the direction of travel; our Speed Lane units have wider cabinets and open with the panes of glass sliding back into the cabinet. The benefit of a Speed Lane over a Speed Gate is the throughput time is slightly quicker, although in an area with limited space Speed Gates would be the better choice.

If you have any more questions about Speed Gates or any of our other Entrance Control products contact a member of our team today.

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