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revolving doors

Revolving Doors

✔ With, or without sliding doors

✔ Removable structure

✔ Self-managed

✔ Person presence checking system with volumetric sensors

✔ Anti-tailgating system

✔ Optional built-in metal detector

✔ Traffic light panels with intercom and multilingual voice messages

✔ Interfacing to access control systems/presence detection systems (RS485)

✔ Integration with badge readers or biometrics

✔ Interior lighting

✔ Turnstile: three wings on ø1600, ø1800, four wings on ø1800, ø2300

✔ Emergency system – automatic unlocking system

✔ Mechanical lock for additional locking

✔ Weight from 900kg to 1400kg depending on accessories

✔ Throughput is at the standard speed of 4 turns per minute, the 3-wing turnstile guarantees a bi-directional flow of 12 users per minute; the 4-wing turnstile: 16 users per minute (without alarms)

Revolving Doors

Safetell’s Revolving Doors offer a high-security solution to control entry to secure internal areas. We provide a range of security resistance levels including EN1627 RC4 Manual Attack rating and EN1522 FB4 Ballistic Rating. Available in a number of sizes, with features including single-person checking system and optional metal detectors. Our Revolving Doors are designed to be integrated with any access control system.



Corporate buildings

Data centres


Leisure centres

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