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a round security portal

DDA Circle Security Portals

✔ The DDA Security portal has a removable structure weighing floor system (abandoned object detection, weight higher than 200 grams)

✔ Single person detection (anti-hostage system)

✔ Paint finish is embossed, according to RAL colour scale, or Stainless Steel covering

✔ Traffic light panels & multilingual automated voiceover for transit communications

✔ Portal console with digital display and menu-guided commands

DDA Circle Security Portals

A high security solution to control entry and exit to internal secure areas. Available as larger DDA circle and square units to meet existing building aesthetics and client needs. Our Security Portals offer single person passage checking and abandoned object detection systems with a DDA approved wide passage. Available with a range of security resistance levels including EN1627 RC4 Manual Attack rating and EN1522 FB4 Ballistic Rating. Our Security Portals are designed to be integrated with any access control system.





Corporate buildings


Data centres



Leisure centres

Secure areas

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