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a glass gate

Glass Gate

✔ Easy installation – the construction of the device enables mounting it to the foundation without dismantling any part of the device

✔ Bidirectional movement – enables work in various modes, e.g. control of passenger traffic for both directions or control of passenger traffic for any chosen direction of movement

✔ Verifying the arm’s position – equipped with a measurement system to verify the position of the arm

✔ Arms blocking system – equipped with arms blocking system having overload function. In case of applying extensive force to the arm this function releases the arms blocking system

✔ Motorised arm – the mechanism is equipped with a motor, moving the arm and clutch, preventing the mechanism from damages

Glass Gate

Swing Gates are designed to assist with pedestrian access control. This type of entrance gate is typically installed inside buildings or outside (under canopy) to control the flow of people into and out of an area. They are intended to operate alongside electronic systems as supplementary devices to turnstiles or for passage ways where strict access control is not required and wide passageway is a key factor. Swing gates are easy to install and have bidirectional movement, enabling various options for controlling passenger traffic.


Sports facilities

Show facilities

Exhibition halls





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