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compact cabs

Compact Cab

✔ Easy setup - a control panel equipped with a display and a multi-function selector allows easy setup of functions and operating modes

✔ LED pictograms - shows active/inactive traffic directions in the passage, the red arrow shows the inactive/blocked traffic direction and the green arrow shows the active/unblocked traffic direction

✔ Sound signalling - an alarm sounds in unusual situations e.g. two people trying to pass through the speed gates, unauthorised access or an unauthorised object in the movement detection area

✔ Emergency exit - the gate remains open in case of a power failure

✔ Overload protection - all gates have additional overload protection systems to stop the wings and sound the alarm if an obstacle is detected

Compact Cab

Safetell’s Speed Lanes provide an aesthetically pleasing entrance control and anti-tailgating solution to any building or secure area. Available in a number of finishes and styles, utilising both external and internal glazed wings. These speed gates can be supplied to complement any interior design.



Government buildings





Leisure centres



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