Automatic and Revolving Door Safety

02 March, 2021

Revolving doors are the best entry solution for buildings with a lot of foot traffic. Used in office buildings, shopping centres and public places, they are a necessity for controlling the flow of people. At some point they may have even been a source of entertainment, taking a spin around inside a couple of times as a child.


The safe use of revolving doors, and all automatic doors, is extremely important especially when general public and staff are potentially at risk. Automatic doors have a number of potential hazards. Revolving doors have several potential danger points. The number of closing edges, moving leaves and the potential to catch pedestrians feet are all a potentially serious accident for someone moving through them without caution. Automatic doors also pose a potential risk for trapping fingers, limbs as well as being trip hazards. We rely on the safety sensors to be properly functioning to ensure these risks are kept to a minimum.


Automatic Doors

In the industry, the safety aspects of automatic doors is championed by ADSA, the Automatic Door Suppliers Association, which exists to promote the highest standards for this type of entry control. Formed in 1985, the company’s purpose is to ensure that its member companies offer superior levels of safety for pedestrian automatic doors and over 75% of ADSA member companies now supply the UK market.


Safetell place great importance in ensuring all our installations are to the highest safety standards.

Being a member of ADSA, we can confidently say that our values on safety align. ADSA were the first to develop the industry code of practice which covers the safety aspects of automatic doors for pedestrian use which are followed by our installers and engineers during every installation. For more information on these, please visit the ADSA website, where you can learn more about the standards we ensure we meet.


Automatic door maintenance is vital and should be carried out by a professional and qualified engineer. We exist to ensure that any automatic door, whether we have installed it or not, is working to its potential and operating as safely as possible. If you have any concerns about your automatic doors, please contact us to see how we can help.


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