Speed Gates and Security

19 May, 2021

Maintaining safe and secure entrance control is of paramount importance to most organisations. This can be achieved by using Speed Gates.


An article by Business World reveals Speed Gates can enhance the physical security of a facility, by ensuring effective control over visitor and employee movement as well as recording who enters the facility. Specific benefits of utilising Speed Gates include improved security, superior access integration and operational flexibility.


Regulating control 

One effective application of Speed Gates can be observed in the context of national rail and metro systems, as they help regulate access to a station and people flow around the station. A report by James Abbot, Technical Director of Intelligent Transport discloses how “recent security alerts on European metros have served to emphasise the benefits of systems that regulate access to stations and trains”. He further summarises that “increased security awareness provides a potent reason for installing ticket gates, turnstiles and other barriers controlling access to stations”.


Preventing unlawful access

Abbot further comments that Speed Gates can help prevent unlawful access. For example, Wimbledon Station in south London showed instant security improvements once it was fitted with gates. There was a decrease in anti-social behaviour as criminals were discouraged from entering the station by the gates, creating a pleasant environment for regular commuters.


Thwarting risk

With the on-going concerns surrounding Covid-19 transmission, The Health and Safety Executive has explained how Speed Gates can also help reduce the number of people in high traffic areas, as they can limit overflow into a crowded area. This practice can be implemented across several different industries in a bid to reduce the virus infection rate.


Expertise on your side

Tailgating is the often the result of poor security implementation as an unauthorised person could easily follow an authorised individual through the ‘secured’ entry point. To combat this and other entrance security issues, Safetell, a market leading Physical Security product and service provider, have introduced a range of Speed Gates that can be integrated with a property’s current entrance control system. They use a sensor array system to detect two people trying to pass through at once, or a person passing without authorisation.


With over 30 years of experience, Safetell has been trusted to secure a range of sectors including Government Authorities, Hospitality and Data Centres. With our expertise, we can help your organisation respond accordingly to the ongoing technological advances within entrance control and provide comprehensive protection against all threats.


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