Join us at ACS Conference23

11 April, 2023

Safetell is proud to be a sponsor of the Association of Convenience Stores (ACS) Conference 23. The ACS represents more than 33,500 local stores, supporting members through lobbying, advice, and networking events. Conference 23 is an essential event for anyone in the convenience sector that wants to grow their business, build an important network and gain insight into how to prepare their business for the future against the backdrop of a looming recession and new safety concerns. Visitors will be able to peruse several exhibits and stands featuring technology and products relevant to the convenience industry, including our own, as well as attend the National Convenience Show over at the NEC, which is running at the same time.

As an industry leader with more than 30 years of experience in the retail space, Safetell understands the importance of customer service, safety, and accessibility in the convenience sector. At Safetell, we’ve invested heavily in developing innovative products that address the concerns of modern retailers, as seen in our specialist retail range, which includes security screens and counters, security doors and door enhancements, transfer units, cash and asset protection, and other solutions.

Why Safety Matters More Than Ever

The retail sector, particularly convenience stores, faces a real and current threat of violence and theft. According to the ACS 2022 Crime Report, 25% of retailers reported facing violence in the past year, with over 16,500 violent incidents involving a weapon. More than £246 million has been invested into crime prevention in a single year to protect stores from both organised and opportunistic attacks, while over 970,000 incidents of theft occurred in the industry in 2022 alone.

The consequences of an attack on a convenience store can include loss of stock, store closures for investigations, physical damage to property, lower staffing levels, and long-term impacts on business profits. Police involvement, including investigations and interviews, can impact store revenue and trading hours. Poor staff attendance due to safety concerns can affect daily operations and customer service, while additional HR costs may arise from staff resignations and difficulties in recruiting due to safety concerns.

Safetell understands these challenges, which is why we’ve developed a series of security products and services that both deter crime and increase safety and well-being for convenience store workers and customers.

Our track record includes keeping retailers and communities safe as COVID-19 sparked an alarming trend of abuse against convenience store workers, getting one forecourt store up and running less than ten days following a devastating safety incident, and devising a widespread maintenance and installation solution for a global retailer.

Our range of physical security items, which includes security doorsscreens and counters, and walling and partitioning products, will ensure that businesses have effective crime deterrents and safety products in place that make staff (and customers) match the needs and aesthetics of their store.

Our security experts will work with your existing space and need to devise bespoke solutions that enable normal working operations and artfully blend in with your design.

See Safetell Products in Person

At the conference, we will be featuring our Colleague Protection Screens, which are specifically designed to ensure the safety of employees while maintaining excellent customer service. These solutions are designed to provide comprehensive protection for both customers and employees, ensuring a safe and secure environment in the retail setting.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to discuss our range of exciting retail safety products, including:

Cash and Asset Protection

Cash and asset protection solutions, including Flip Top Tills, Cash Drawers, Cash Trays, Cashier Pedestals, RollerCash, Trio, Bidisafe, Stock Limiters, and Cash Scoops that provide robust security measures to safeguard cash, valuables, and assets from theft and physical attacks. By offering secure storage, efficient cash handling, and cash recycling options, Safetell products help minimise the risk of cash and asset losses, ensuring a safe and secure environment for cash handling in retail settings.

Entrance Control

Entrance Control solutions, such as Retail Gates, Glass Gates, and Tripod Turnstiles, play a crucial role in managing pedestrian access and preventing unauthorised entry into retail premises. Safetell will work with your existing environment to enhance security measures by ensuring that only authorised personnel or customers gain entry, preventing theft, vandalism, and other security breaches.

Screens and Counters

Screens and Counters, including SafeShield Specialist Glazing, VertiSlide Transaction Window, SafeAssure Plus UJ Security Glazing, and SafeAssure UG Security Glazing, offer robust physical barriers that protect employees and assets from potential attacks, such as burglaries, robberies, or physical assaults. Our solutions can provide anti-physical attack and bullet-resistant features, ensuring the safety and security of employees and valuable assets, such as cash registers and merchandise.

Security Doors

Safetell offers a range of security doors to the retail sector, such as Timber Staffline Doors, Steel Stalwart Doors, and Glazed Security Doors, which offer high-level protection against bullets, blasts, fire, and manual attacks. These doors provide a reliable physical barrier to unauthorised entry, safeguarding sensitive areas, stockrooms, or cash handling areas.

Security Walling and Partitioning

You can rely on Safetell to provide highly secure walling and partitioning solutions, including ATM Pods and CityWall Modular Walling System, which offer flexible and adaptable options for constructing secure enclosures, partitions, or pods to safeguard cash handling areas or sensitive sections of retail premises. These solutions provide robust physical barriers to prevent unauthorised access, ensuring maximum protection for valuable assets and sensitive areas.

Transfer Units

Speak to our consultants about our range of transfer units designed for the retail space, including Cash Trays, Door Hoppers, Meridian Modules, Night Pay Hatches, and CashFast Night Pay Drawers. We provide secure and convenient cash transfer solutions, enabling safe and efficient cash-handling processes.

We are excited to share our expertise in the retail sector and demonstrate in person how Safetell can help businesses enhance their security measures while still delivering exceptional customer service. Visit our booth at the ACS conference to learn more about our innovative security solutions for the retail convenience industry.

You can book your place at Conference 23 on the ACS website, or by emailing