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Safetell Supports InVue With Maintenance and Installation

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InVue is a global leader in providing innovative security and merchandising solutions to retailers and brands in over 90 countries. With the increasing demand for smartphones and tablets, InVue has become a trusted provider of security solutions for these devices in retail stores. To meet the growing demand for their products in the UK, InVue partnered with Safetell in 2017 to provide security solutions for phones and tablets on display in retail stores across the country.


InVue manufactures a pod display designed to help retailers secure mobile devices while on display to customers in a retail environment. The pod that holds the mobile device in place is affixed to a stand or display case while it’s being charged. The device can only be released using a store-wide single-key solution, which eliminates the difficulty that retailers have in managing multiple keys. Customers have full access to the device without being able to remove it from the display.

With the increasing demand for InVue’s security solutions in the UK, the company needed a reliable partner to install and maintain its secure merchandising products in retail stores. However, with a limited workforce, they required a network of experienced engineers who could install and maintain their products on their behalf.


Safetell, a leading provider of security solutions, offered a full turnkey solution to InVue, which included a team of experienced engineers, project management, and a warehouse to manage and dispatch stock. By forming this partnership, InVue could focus on providing high-quality security solutions to its customers while Safetell took care of installation and maintenance.

When an order is placed with InVue in the UK, equipment is sent directly to Safetell’s warehouse in Kent. An engineer then takes the equipment to the site, integrates the system into the existing display, fits electronic devices into the InVue pods, and provides staff training in-store. This ensures that the customer gets the best possible service and that the devices are installed correctly and safely.

Because Safetell’s engineers have extensive experience in maintaining a broad range of electro-mechanical equipment and are skilled in fitting, managing, and changing devices, the entire process of installing and looking after the device is much easier for retailers.

Safetell also offers repair and replacement services for InVue products. Whenever an InVue pod requires repair or replacement, Safetell receives a call from InVue. In cases like these, a service level agreement is put in place, and response times are agreed upon. When repairs are required, a Safetell engineer is sent to the site to diagnose the fault. The system is then either repaired, if possible, or replaced from van spares supplied by InVue. Once the job is completed, a report and photo documentation are sent to InVue so that an invoice to the end-user can be raised, ensuring that InVue’s high standards are met throughout the process.


Thanks to its successful partnership with Safetell, InVue has been able to expand its demographic in the UK and offer its customers high-quality security solutions that help retailers secure their merchandise and reduce theft without sacrificing user experience.

InVue remains focused on its core business, knowing that Safetel will take care of installation and maintenance according to its exacting standards. Contact Safetell if you require any security solutions for your premises!

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