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The Covid-19 pandemic led to an increase in attacks and abuse against shop workers, causing significant financial losses to retailers. In response, many efforts have been made to protect shop workers, including campaigns such as Respect for Shop Workers Week and the Co-op’s “Safer Colleagues, Safer Communities” initiative. One store decided to go a step further and contacted Safetell for a solution that would protect their staff from manual attacks.


The challenge was to design a solution that would provide a moderate level of protection for retail staff from potentially aggressive members of the public. The solution needed to be practical, easy to install, and aesthetically pleasing for everyday use.


A manual attack-resistant screen was installed in a Nisa store in Wythenshawe, prompting the design of a new screening solution aimed at the retail market. This screen proved to be the perfect solution for providing a moderate level of protection for retail staff. The screen was easy to install, practical, and aesthetically pleasing, making it suitable for everyday use.

The screen was installed in over 150 retail stores across the UK by February 2021, with positive feedback from all. The new screening solution provides a safer working environment for retail staff, allowing them to carry out their duties with greater peace of mind.


The new screening solution has been well received, with positive feedback from all 150 stores where it has been installed. The screens have been particularly useful in ensuring staff safety in stores that open late. As they look great and are practical for everyday use, they are highly effective in retail environments. Overall, the new screening solution has provided a safer working environment for retail staff, allowing them to carry out their duties with greater peace of mind. Contact Safetell if you require any security solutions for your premises!

“The screens look great, and the staff are really happy because they feel a lot safer, especially as the store opens late. Safetell’s installation went smoothly, we were so pleased we put in an order for another screen in the neighbouring store.”

Yamitraj Patel, Nisa, Wythenshawe

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