automatic door openers cost people time as they are queueing for the door

How much do automatic door openers cost?

30 March, 2023

Automatic Door opener information from the experts at Safetell. We tell you all you need to know!

If you’re looking to improve the overall efficiency and security of your premises, then automatic doors are an obvious choice. An automatic security door uses automated technology to open and close as when required by authorised personnel. They are typically used in both commercial and industrial settings to better control access to a building or area.

As well as increasing security, they can also improve access for authorised people, making it easier for them to move around both within, as well as in and out of the building. They might be operated by one of a variety of means, such as a keypad, remote control, or card reader.


What is an automatic door opener?

An automatic door opener is a device that automatically opens and closes a door using a motor and other mechanical or electrical components. The opening mechanism will be controlled by a control system linked to a controller. This will typically be connected to the door’s motor and sensors and will be responsible for activating the door mechanism. This will happen when it is triggered by a user or other system, such as when the doors are being repaired, secured shut or open for a particular reason.

Automatic door controllers offer different degrees of sophistication and control. They can usually be programmed to operate in different modes, such as fully automatic or semi-automatic. They will also usually have a manual override. They can be configured to respond to different inputs, such as a push button, motion sensor or card reader.

  • Push buttons are simple and reliable, and generally easy to use when mounted at a convenient height and location.
  • Card readers provide greater access control to a building or areas, with a card or another form of identification. They might be used in combination with access control software that tracks access activity and manages user permissions.
  • Remote control devices can open and close a door from a distance, perhaps with a handheld device or a smartphone. This is a highly convenient option that is particularly useful for people who have mobility challenges.
  • Keypad access allows for high levels of security and access control and can be programmed to allow access only to authorised personnel. They can also be configured to require code changes periodically that enhance security even further.
  • Motions sensors are perhaps the simplest and are generally used when you wish to facilitate easy public access in and out of your building. They are convenient and reduce the risk of injury or damage when entering and exiting the building.

Your choice of automatic door opener will depend on the type of building and the access control you require.


The factors that will determine the cost of an automatic door opener

The cost of an automatic door opener will depend on a number of different factors. Firstly, the type of door will be a key determining factor as well as where it’s being installed. The size of the door, as well as the features and capabilities of the operating system. The complexities of the installation will be another factor that is worth bearing in mind. A challenging installation location may add time to the installation process which will, in turn, add costs. The level of security that’s required may also be a determining factor. Because your automatic door opener will be called upon to carry out such a critical role in your building, it’s important to invest in a product that can reliably cope with the workload.

It’s important to remember that a reputable and trusted supply and installation will look for ways in which the overall cost of the installation can be managed. They’ll do this without compromising the overall quality, efficiency, and durability of the installation.


How much will an automatic door opener cost to install?

Ultimately, the cost of both the door opener and overall installation can vary considerably. In general, the cost of an automatic door opener can range from several hundred pounds for a simple, standalone opener for a small door, to several thousand pounds for a more complex, feature-rich opener for a large or custom door. In commercial and public buildings, the costs are likely to be higher.

It’s always important to consider the specific needs and requirements of your installation before deciding on an automatic door opener. You should only work with a reputable and experienced supply and installation team. Not only will this ensure the installation is carried out competently, but it will also ensure that you get the best value for your investment.


How Safetell can help with your automatic door needs

At Safetell, we’ve established a reputation as one of the UK’s most trusted companies when it comes to access control and security for all kinds of buildings. Our products and services have been developed over 30 years.

We provide a unique portfolio of products as well as design and installation services to meet the very different needs of our clients. We can advise about automatic doors, as well as the kind of access control (automatic door opener) that would be most suitable for your premises and particular needs. We will conduct a site visit and give you an accurate, no hidden surprises, quote for your automatic door opener. If you then wish to proceed, we can create a truly bespoke, site-specific design that meets your requirements.

Our professional and experienced project management team can manage the process, whatever the particular demands of the site. Our specialist installation teams will ensure a smooth installation of your automatic sliding doors. We also provide a comprehensive automatic door servicing maintenance  and/or repair repair packages to ensure your doors are always working as you would expect.

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