Contactless Security Solutions for Touch Free Entrance Control

12 March, 2021

Before the coronavirus pandemic, we were gravitating towards using touchless technology in our every day lives, using contactless solutions for entering buildings and installing biometric systems rather than traditional key cards at security points. Emerging from the worldwide pandemic, the need for contactless solutions will become more relevant than ever with a reduction of contact.


The way we enter buildings, go through security and areas of high traffic will require a practical solution to reduce the need for physical contact, making people feel safer and more secure navigating a post pandemic world.


Contactless solutions come in many different forms. The advancing range of biometric technology including facial recognition and bluetooth reading are all aiding the touchless elements of secure entry, eliminating the need to physically touch a button or touching only what already belongs to you. Facial recognition systems which are installed into Safetell’s Security Portals can also identify whether users are wearing masks and only allow entry upon successfully identifying a mask on the face – a contactless and safe solution ensuring visitors are following correct protocols.


Preventing physical touch is not the only benefit of contactless solutions, there are many other advantages too. Contactless security products also reduce energy costs, especially automatic doors, as they only operate when a person approaches and need to use the entrance, reducing the energy consumption of a building. A contactless system also reduces the waiting time needed to grant access. Users registered on the database can easily and quickly enter without compromising on security. The contactless solution sector is ever evolving meaning that systems will naturally become quicker, smarter and more practical as the technology develops and Safetell will move with this.


Converting an entrance with contactless physical security can be a gradual process, installing systems or physical products alongside existing entrance control. Existing items such as automatic doors and speed gates can have biometric systems installed easily to enhance the entry process into a touchless solution.


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