Automatic Doors – What is their purpose?

04 May, 2021

It is incredibly unlikely that there will be a single person reading this that has never encountered an automatic door at some point in their life. On a normal day (perhaps pre-pandemic world) you might have entered/exited multiple automatic doors without even realising. But it’s doubtful any of you have ever stopped to consider them for a second, and quite how useful they are…


Auto Doors, as we know them today, entered this world in the 20th Century and have been heavily relied on ever since, in almost every industry. Listed below are some of the benefits you may never have considered.



Auto Doors are a contactless solution that stop the spread of germs and bacteria, an unavoidable topic in this day and age. The ability to enter a busy, public place without having to touch door handles is something that can no longer be taken for granted.


Disabled Access

The Disability and Discrimination Act, 2004 set out requirements for service providers to make “Reasonable adjustments” to their buildings to ensure disabled people can access. Therefore, anybody with a disability should be able to enter, move around freely, and exit a building safely. Automatic Doors are one way of achieving this.



As well as providing access for people with disabilities, Automatic Doors also provide easy access for the elderly, people with pushchairs and children, people using shopping trolleys and many others who have their hands full on the go.


Flow Rate

In busy public places, for example stadia, Automatic Doors help ease traffic and allow crowds to access a space without crowding and bottlenecks.


Energy Saving

Automatic Doors shut themselves when not in use, which prevents people leaving open doors, reducing waste and lessening the cost of temperature control.


Maintain and Repair, Don’t Replace!

Automatic Doors can be maintained and serviced for a low cost. Unlike many service providers we champion a repair, not replace, mentality and utilise our many years of experience and expertise to deliver the very best value for our customers. Click here for more information on our Automatic Door Service and Maintenance Offering.


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