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What are the benefits of installing automatic doors?

29 March, 2023

An automatic door installation is the optimal solution for a wide range of businesses. They eliminate a number of logistical issues, making access more streamlined and convenient while adding to the aesthetic appeal of your building.

What are automatic doors and what benefits do they offer?


What are automatic doors?

Simply put, automatic doors are doors that open and close automatically when they detect the presence of people or objects. They are frequently used to improve convenience as well as accessibility, allowing people to pass through easily without the need to manually open the door.

Automatic doors can be activated using a variety of means, such as motion sensors, access control systems or push buttons. They are available in a range of options, such as sliding doors and swing doors.

The most popular combination is sliding doors fitted with motion sensors to allow easy and convenient access in a range of settings.


What are the benefits of sliding doors?

Automatic doors deliver a range of benefits for businesses and other public-facing organisations. These include:



Automatic doors are a convenient option for a wide range of businesses. They can be opened and closed by simply walking up to them. This makes them particularly useful for anyone who has mobility issues or who is carrying heavy items. They also don’t require reception or security staff to respond to requests to enter the building.



Closely linked to convenience is accessibility. Automatic doors immediately make your building much more accessible for anyone with mobility issues. They allow people to enter and exit the building without the need to pull or push a potentially heavy door and give people more time to navigate through a doorway.

They can reduce the risk of injury or strain and can make accessing the building altogether easier. They provide a wider opening for anyone using a mobility device such as a wheelchair or a walker. They also provide a more predictable and controlled environment as the doors open and close in a consistent manner.


Better hygiene

Door handles can harbour germs and bacteria, making them a significant transmitter of viruses. Automatic doors remove that problem, making them an obvious choice in environment such as schools, GP surgeries, hospitals and anywhere with a significant daily footfall.  When used with other measures such as good ventilation, automatic doors can play an important part in overall infection control.


Added security

Automatic doors can help manage access to your building and be used as part of your overall security strategy. They can be controlled remotely with access only being granted to particular traffic. They can be deactivated entirely or programmed to open and close during certain hours or during particular conditions.

Automatic doors can easily be integrated with other security systems, such as security cameras and alarm system. In an emergency they can be set to remain open to allow speedy evacuation of the building.


Saving Energy

Automatic doors open and close in an efficient manner. The less time that a door is open, the less that heat and energy is lost from the building. The doors will only open and close when required and will close automatically behind the user. This ensures that the doors are closed most of the time helping to maintain the temperature building.

Draughty buildings where doors are left open for longer will spend more on air conditioning and will be inefficient to heat. Automatic doors will ultimately drive down the operating costs of the building overall.


Efficient use of space

Automatic doors accentuate the free movement of people and goods in and out of the building. This can be particularly useful in busy environments such as hospitals and shopping centres. This is a real benefit where space is limited in a reception or lobby area.

The physical footprint of a sliding automatic door is also smaller overall than a manual door that opens into or out of the building. An automatic door can give you more space in your reception area.


Easy maintenance

Quality automatic doors are reliable and easy to maintain when professionally installed. With regular servicing and correct usage, you will be able to enjoy the benefits of your automatic door installation for years to come.


Improve your overall image

An automatic door installation can improve the image of your building, making it appear more accessible and welcoming. Automatic doors are an elegant, convenient and accessible choice that can transform how your building and your business is perceived.


 Automatic Door Installation Services with Safetell

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