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World Mental Health Day 2022

07 October, 2022

Today marks World Mental Health Day 2022. World Mental Health Day is an annual event to highlight the importance of mental health and well-being and to remove the stigma surrounding it; providing information and support to those who need it so they can live a happier life. It was first established in 1992 by the WFMH. The theme for 2022 is “Make mental health and well-being for all a global priority”.

World Mental Health Day is an international day of action that takes place every year on October 10. The day is a time to reflect on how to improve mental health and well-being in our communities.

To mark the day, we’re making a pledge to maintain our focus on mental health. We’ll continue to support our employees with mental health issues and provide them with the support they need.

We acknowledge that mental health is an important issue for everyone, and we want to use our position as an employer to help raise awareness about the importance of good mental health at work.

Safetell recognises the importance of mental health in the workplace. We’ve invested in Mental Health First Aiders to ensure that employees feel supported and able to speak out if they need help.


Online Resources

We’ve put together a list of helpful external online resources to help raise awareness and support other individuals in making mental health and well-being a global priority.