Safetell Commits to Carbon Reduction with Achilles Certification

17 April, 2023

Safetell has always believed that it’s vital to maintain high CSR standards and is constantly looking for new ways to become more sustainable.

Safetell is currently participating in a global initiative that helps companies reduce their impact on the environment and become more sustainable through carbon emission reduction, known as the Achilles Carbon Certification Programme.

The Achilles Carbon Certification Programme

The Achilles Carbon Certification Programme is a third-party certification scheme that verifies a company’s carbon management and reduction performance. The programme assesses a company’s carbon emissions, carbon management policies, and carbon reduction strategies and provides certification based on the results. Companies that achieve certification can demonstrate to their customers and stakeholders that they are committed to reducing their carbon footprint and mitigating the effects of climate change.

Safetell has completed its base year in the Achilles Carbon Certification Programme, which will allow us to make Carbon Reduction or Net Carbon Zero claims confidently in any market or stakeholder group, including regulators, per ISO 14064-1. There are several reasons why we choose to undergo this programme:

  • Supporting Our Values: Safetell has always valued CSR. We believe that we have a duty to protect our environment as well as the community and economy we operate in. Driving CSR standards and reducing our carbon footprint go hand in hand.
  • Creating a Better World: We are 100% committed to doing our part in combating climate change. We have set ambitious targets for ourselves to reduce our short- and medium-term carbon outputs and will continue to look for new ways to become more sustainable and environmentally friendly.
  • Our Commitment to our Customers: Reducing carbon emissions not only improves customer relationships but also attracts new businesses that seek sustainability partners. By reducing our carbon footprint, we demonstrate our commitment to the environment and responsible decisions. The commitment to carbon reduction is becoming a vital part of the tendering process as businesses seek to reduce their carbon footprints. We increasingly have to demonstrate our commitment to carbon reduction when bidding on new projects to meet private and public businesses’ expectations.
  • Cutting Energy and Costs: We believe that carbon reduction can help us save money and energy through efficiency measures like improved insulation and lighting and switching to renewable energy sources like solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. Safetell is committed to investigating and implementing cleaner energy options for our business.


Programmes such as the Achilles Carbon Certification Programme help companies to make a difference, build customer loyalty and improve public perception. We believe that our focus on CSR initiatives will help us also save money and energy in the long run, benefiting our customers, employees, and our business. Safetell is proud to be involved in this initiative and is fully committed to reducing its carbon emissions. Full details of our base year carbon footprint and reduction objectives are available on request.