Meet the Experts: A Spotlight on Safetell’s Sales Team

18 April, 2023

Safetell has gone from strength to strength in a rapidly growing but highly competitive physical security product market. According to predictions, the $42.3-billion market will grow around 6.5% per annum between 2023-2027. Our growing business development team reflects our investment and commitment to the industry:

Nick Paget

Head of Business Development: Transactional Sales/New Business

Nick is an experienced professional in the security industry, having joined Safetell in 1998. He has extensive experience in design, sales, and marketing, making him one of the company’s most experienced employees. Nick has been the Head of Business Development at Safetell since 2019 and has a deep understanding of the business and the wider security industry. He previously served as the company’s Head of Marketing for nine years. Nick has a diverse skill set, having trained as a design engineer and attained a registered Incorporated Engineer (IEng) qualification. He also holds a business degree, management qualifications, and sales training, which he has combined with his experience in various roles. Nick’s experience and qualifications make him an asset to Safetell’s business development team.


Matt Cartwright

Business Development Manager: Public Sector

Matt is an experienced business development manager with over 15 years of experience in the physical security sector. He has a proven track record of meeting the security requirements of high-risk businesses and engaging with senior stakeholders to understand and assess complex security needs. Matt has worked with clients in various sectors such as embassies, airports, healthcare, the custodial sector, government agencies, police authorities, stadia, Transport for London, and critical infrastructure. Matt can provide tailored security solutions to meet the specific needs of each client.

Lee Haydon

Business Development Manager: Service Contract Sales

Lee has almost 20 years of experience in the security sector, specialising in automatic/security door servicing and fire/security industries. He joined Safetell in 2022 as part of our business development expansion, and he has a reputation for building strong relationships with clients, particularly in the NHS and private sectors.

Christopher Valentino

Business Development Manager: Private Sector

Chris joined Safetell in 2022 as a Business Development Manager, bringing his extensive knowledge and experience in the security sector. He focuses on engaging Safetell with private sector clients, including corporate offices, data centres, high-tech manufacturing, and security consultants. Chris aims to embed Safetell at the early stages of projects, providing maximum value to clients and avoiding future issues. Safetell was thrilled to have Christopher on board and leverage his expertise in the industry.

Jenny Jones

Business Development Manager: Retail and Finance sector business

Jenny, Safetell’s new recruit from G4S, is a strategic business development manager who is praised for her ability to develop new relationships and deliver integrated security solutions. She has a proven track record of adding value to organisations and helping them secure their business.

Ben Horton

Business Development Manager: Service contract sales

Ben joined Safetell’s team in December 2022. He came from ProDoor and is a specialist in automatic door maintenance. His expertise in the automatic door market is a significant asset in Safetell’s growth strategy for automatic door servicing and maintenance.

Safetell continues to expand our sales team with experienced professionals well-versed in the security industry. The team is larger than ever and expected to grow in 2023, providing excellent news for customers. With a range of experienced professionals, customers can expect the highest quality service and solutions tailored to their individual needs. The company’s business development team has complementary skills and experience, positioning Safetell well to take advantage of public and private sector opportunities in the growing security market.

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