Keeping the Construction Industry Running During a Pandemic

06 April, 2021

The past year has brought about many changes to our everyday lives. We’ve all had to make adjustments including wearing face masks to do our shopping and keeping our distance from loved ones. Most sectors have had to rethink their approach to keeping their staff and workforce safe which in an office-based environment has meant introducing desk screens and working from home. But how do the sectors which rely on the workforce being present manage with the requirements that come with keeping their staff safe?


Through the first lockdown in England, the construction industry came to a halt which impacted the progress of new developments and the livelihood of its workers. Through the following lockdowns and tiered restrictions, the industry has been allowed to continue with the understanding that many coronavirus safe guidelines are adhered to.


Introducing social distancing and increased hygiene measures has been an absolute priority, especially with operators sharing machinery and having to work in cohorts on certain tasks. Mixing crew members on different shifts has been reduced and workers are encouraged to use stairs rather than lifts to avoid too many touchpoints.


Entrance to site also needs to be considered to ensure staff coming in are at a low risk of transmission in these high traffic areas. Some of the options which Safetell suggest for ease of entry to construction sites include temperature detection – measuring the temperature of staff upon entry to ensure they are fit and healthy to come onto site. Touchless entry could also be introduced such a full height or tripod turnstiles which use a biometric entry system to reduce touchpoints and the risk of transmission.


In the current situation we find ourselves in, Safetell always aim to be a step ahead in preventative security – be it physical security or the general protection of staff. Every industry is overcoming numerous challenges in order to keep operating as effectively as possible. We’re here to help with any challenges you may be experiencing. If you have any questions, let us know!


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