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The Impact of Convenience Store Attacks on Trading

08 September, 2022

Violence is a real and current threat to various retail environments, but the late operating hours, low staff levels and high-value goods of convenience stores mean that they are increasingly being targeted by criminals.
Convenience store attacks can directly impact trading through loss of stock or having to close the store down to conduct an investigation.


Consequences of an Attack on a Convenience Store

According to the ACS 2022 Crime Report, 25% of retailers reported facing violence in the past year. There were over 16,500 violent incidents involving a weapon. Physical attacks can have immediate and long-term consequences for any convenience store, from losing stock to finding it difficult to attract staff to work there.

Any of these consequences will impact trading and cut your business profits. Whether a one-time shoplifter or a premeditated team of armed robbers decide to clear out the tills, it’s essential to understand how these attacks impact convenience stores and their staff.



Regardless of the attack’s severity, an investigation will be carried out to determine the cause and ensure the incident isn’t repeated. This may result in store closures and lengthy internal security teams, and police interviews and as a consequence lost revenue.


Store Closure

Store closures are virtually inevitable following a physical attack. Damage and stock losses need to be assessed and staff may feel unable to operate. Revenue is lost, not only due to the cash or stock stolen but due to the loss of trading hours.


Physical Damage

A robber or attacker will often cause physical damage to the store during the attack, such as broken doors or window panes. Physical damage to any piece of machinery or equipment in the store requires reparation, which can be costly.

Lower Staffing Levels

Staff may be reluctant to work following an attack, affecting staff levels as well as a store’s ability to attract and retain new employees. When a store operates at minimal staff levels, it’s reflected in the customer service.


Loss of Stock

Shoplifters commonly steal items like meat and alcohol, and with the rise in the cost of living, shoplifting has increased. While many shoplifters are individual opportunists, there has been an increase in sophisticated shoplifting rings that repeatedly target the same stores to acquire goods to sell on the black market.


How Can Safetell Help With Crime Prevention?

Safetell provides a range of security hardware and equipment for convenience stores to help protect them from crime, from security screens specifically designed for retail staff to a range of security doors, partitioning, and counters.

Criminals are opportunists. Any form of visible security that makes it more difficult for them to make their escape with ease will deter them from carrying out an attack.



A robbery or attack on a convenience store can impact trading in several ways. There can be long-term consequences from having staff quit because of the attack, physical damage to the property, loss of stock, or having to close for a criminal investigation.

If your store doesn’t have the most up-to-date security measures, it can be seen as an easy target for crime. In retail, there is plenty of specially designed security equipment to improve the safety of your store and provide staff with peace of mind. Security items like screens and counters go a long way in improving your store’s protection.

Why not reach out to Safetell to find out how we can improve the safety of your store and reduce the impact of an attack if it should happen?