Recommended Physical Security Products for the Education Sector

16 February, 2021

Education is a life experience which should be enjoyed in a safe and secure environment, for both staff and students. Every site is unique, from schools to education centres and University campuses meaning that security must be strategically tailored to each individual institution. Safetell has a versatile product range and the professional knowledge to ensure your physical security is fit for purpose and your educational environment is secure.


We’ve put together our top five recommended physical security products for education facilities alongside this downloadable brochure to show the range of quality products that Safetell can provide and install.

  1. Full Height Turnstiles
    Our Full Height Turnstiles are designed to assist pedestrian entrance control at both guarded and unmanned entrances. Available in either a manual push or motorised turnstile, they are suitable for outdoor applications and are available in three different formats to suit multiple uses – a single, double and with bike passage.
  2. Speed Gates
    Speed gates are a useful entrance control installed alongside a manned reception area, controlling the flow of people into the building once the visitor has been authorised and access has been granted. These gates can also be integrated with new or existing access control systems.
  3. Tripod Turnstiles
    Our Tripod Turnstiles are designed to assist pedestrian entrance control at both guarded and unmanned entrances. These entrance turnstiles are easy to set up and include a control panel with a display and multi-function selector to allow use of its functions and operating modes.
  4. Perimeter Fencing & Guardhouses
    We can create safe and unobtrusive environments for students and staff, utilising a combination of bullet resistant walling and glazing to create secure perimeters and guardhouses. A bespoke solution can be made to compliment the exterior aesthetic of any facility.
  5. Access Control
    We offer a range of access control solutions from small to large systems that can be installed to your organisational and project requirements.


For more physical security products for the Education sector and further information, download our Education brochure here and follow us on LinkedIn for updates.