Fixed Security Screens and Counters

31 August, 2021

Giving clients and their employees confidence with full protection from attack.


Safetell is the right choice for screens and counters. We supply, install, project-manage, and provide bespoke service. Our clients in NHS, government, police and corporate buildings appreciate our products adaptability and our ability to seamlessly integrate counter accessories such as cash scoops, speech systems, and bulk transfer units while also providing Manual Attack and up to FB4 Ballistic level protection.


Uniquely, Safetell solutions give consistent protection – the entire installation will be to the required level of resistance. There are no weak points. We work together to ensure that the solution matches your aesthetic and security needs.


Fully Framed High Security Screens

Our Fully Framed High-Security Screens can fit any space and protect from Physical, Manual, or Ballistic Attack using a steel-framed glazing system.

Our security glazing can stay in keeping with any corporate aesthetic. These screens are particularly suited to applications that require a ‘secure area’ to keep staff and goods wholly protected from the risk of firearm attack or robbery, including banks, retail, NHS, local authorities, commercial buildings, government offices, and cash offices.


Unobtrusive High Security Screens

Our Unobtrusive High-Security Screens are designed to protect staff against Manual and Physical Attack by creating a ‘secure area’. At Safetell, we build screens bespoke to suit any project and can include ‘Counterwork’ options, such as cash scoops, as part of the solution.

We have installed our Unobtrusive High-Security Screens in many places that require goods to be passed through the screens whilst maintaining high-security, such as petrol forecourts, convenience stores, hospitals, health care centres, and commercial buildings.


Fully Framed Security Screens

A fully framed screening solution aimed at the retail market. This screen is the perfect solution for an everyday screen in applications where staff require a moderate level of protection from potentially aggressive members of the public.

This screening system is perfect for industries such as retail, convenience stores and petrol forecourts.


Unobtrusive Security Screens

Safetell designs screens for any space. Our Unobtrusive Security Screens are designed and built to specification, helping to deter would-be criminals and protect staff against physical attack.

These durable screens have been installed in places that require goods to be passed through the screens, whilst maintaining security, such as petrol forecourts, retail, fast food, convenience stores, hospitals, and health care centres.


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