Bank Security Screens

25 May, 2023

Banks have always been a popular target for armed robbers looking for a quick payday. A successful bank robbery leads to more than the loss of actual money. It can impact the physical and mental well-being of employees and customers for years to come. Fortunately, bank security screens can help to keep everyone (and their money) safe and secure.

A bank teller screen provides physical protection, in a range of resistance levels, from safety threats and is often enough of a deterrent to discourage crime from happening in the first place.


The Benefits of Bank Security Screens

Bank teller screens have long been a deterrent for bank robbers and are known to prevent injury to staff. This not only avoids panic (as customers are often unaware that a robbery is taking place) but increases the likelihood that the culprit will be apprehended.

Here are just a few of the benefits of having bank security screens in place:

Bank Security Screens Provide Physical Protection

A bank teller screen protects the area (and the people) behind the counter from threats on the public side. Barriers are made from bullet-resistant or manual attack glazing/screens that absorb energy at impact.

While no glazing is truly bulletproof, ballistic bank security screens will stay intact and will not completely shatter even if exposed to heavy ballistic impact. This stops assailants and protects employees from harmful debris, like shattered glass.

A Bank Teller Screen Doesn’t Interfere with Operations

Bank security screens are useful because they not only protect staff but allow for easy communication with customers. The materials used offer enough clarity for tellers and customers to see exactly who they are speaking to. Voice transmission openings and pass-through trays enable business as usual without compromising on safety.


Bank Security Screens Help Employees Feel Safe

Most bank managers are more interested in protecting their employees than the cash in the drawer. As the majority of robberies take place at the tellers’ counter, it’s important for employees to feel safe and protected at work. Employees who feel secure at work will have higher morale, a better demeanor with customers, and are far more likely to remain at the company for longer.


Bank Security Screens Deter Robberies

Installing a bank teller screen not only minimises the damage of a potential robbery but can deter robberies from occurring in the first place. Bank robbers do not want to be delayed; they want to get in and out as quickly as possible. Security screens mean that they are not facing an easy target.


Installing Bank Security Screens

Safetell offers screening solutions with consistent, reliable protection. Safetell bank teller screens are adaptable enough to integrate any necessary counter accessories while providing Manual Attack and up to complete FB4 Ballistic level protection and matching your desired aesthetic.

Get in touch with Safetell if you would like to know more about installing security screens at your bank or business.