Top Five Physical Security Products for Securing Datacentres from Physical Attacks

09 February, 2021

Physical security is a critical component to the success of any datacentre with these important facilities being a target for both cybercrime and planned physical attacks. Security products which provide blast and bullet proof protection can act as a deterrent as well as secure the staff inside these datacentres and protect the customers that are storing valuable information within a data centre.

We’ve put together our top five products for securing datacentres alongside this downloadable brochure to show the range of quality products that Safetell can provide and install.


  1. Security Portals
    An efficient entrance control system, a security portal would ensure that every visitor be checked for weapons or unauthorised objects using metal detection and abandoned object sensors. A portal mitigates the risk of tailgating and only allows through passage once it is deemed safe for the visitor to enter. They can work along any existing access control system and available with levels of manual attack and bullet resistance.
  2. Speed Gates
    Speed gates are an essential deterrent for use alongside a manned reception area, controlling the flow of people into the building once the visitor has been authorised and access has been granted. These gates can also be integrated with new or existing access control systems.
  3. City Wall Blast Proof Walling
    A necessary protection, CityWall is a modular secure walling system designed to provide secure enclosures both internally and externally, offering protection against intrusion, manual attack, bullet, fire and blast throughout a datacentre.
  4. Security Doors
    With a range of different styles available, a reinforced steel or timber security door is vital and can offer protection from manual attack to the toughest bullet and blast certifications, a key component of physical security for datacentres. Glazed security doors could be a solution if needing to keep an aesthetic appeal without reducing the security requirements, glazed vision panels to provide better visibility as well as retaining the necessary levels of resistance.
  5. Screens and Counters
    Both manual attack and bullet resistant glazing solutions can be tailored and bespoke, some can be retrofitted to existing counterwork in datacentres. Screens provide not only protection from attack but also in the current circumstances with social distancing, provide a safe place for your staff to work.


For more products and further information, download our datacentre brochure here and follow us on LinkedIn for updates.